Destroying global warming propaganda with a ruler

John Key has a Chief Science advisor…so does Barack Obama (Professors and Doctors, supposedly clever and sensible) …periodically these chumps come out with some prognostication on global warming to tell us we are catastrophically warming and we MUST do something…if they aren’t doing that then they are hosing down some inconvenient facts.

Barack Obama’s cheif warmist did that last week in this video:

Very early on they use a chart…that is…well..wonky as hell. it is an official White House video and the deceit is astonishing.?

The very first line of the video spoken by the very eminent, must be believed, Presidential Science and techology advisor is:

? If you?ve been hearing that extreme cold spells, like the one we?re having in the United States now disproves global warming?don?t believe it.?

He then goes on to present evidence, like this plot (below) of mid-tropospheric temperature, which apparently, according to Anthony Watts, is from UAH/Dr. Roy Spencer, even though no citation is given in the video.


There are a large number of issues with that view…watch Pat & Stu destroy the presentation with a ruler.

Hilarious. White House lies busted with a ruler.