Dodgy ALP/Union ratbag convicted

Contrary to his own over inflated legal opinion of the merits of his case…Craig Thomson was convicted yesterday on fraud charges, for paying for hookers and other services on his union credit card.

Former federal MP Craig Thomson has been found guilty of obtaining financial advantage by using his Health Services Union (HSU) credit card to pay for sexual services and making cash withdrawals.

In handing down his findings, Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg found Thomson dishonestly used his union cards while national secretary of the union.

Thomson sat quietly in the front row of a packed Melbourne Magistrates Court as Mr Rozencwajg delivered his verdicts.

The magistrate said the court had heard from several union witnesses who made it clear that union credit cards were for business purposes only.

“This must have been known by the accused,” Mr Rozencwajg said.?

The magistrate acknowledged there was some grey area defining what constituted business use, but he said it would be an affront to common sense to think the card could be used to pay for sexual services.

The former MP was found to have dishonestly made a series of cash withdrawals totalling $10,000.

Thomson was also found guilty of using his card to pay for cigarettes and buying firewood for his wife.

The magistrate also found some of the charges relating to paying for spousal travel with his union credit card were proven.

Furthermore, Thomson was found guilty of misusing union funds after he had resigned as national secretary in 2007 and elected to Federal Parliament as the member for Dobell.

He was found to have used HSU money to pay for accomodation, taxis, dining expenses and accomodation.

The case has been adjourned until March 18 for a pre-sentencing hearing and Thomson remains on bail.