Dumber than a sack of hammers, Turei calls Collins a racist

Metiria Turei was on Duncan Garners show last evening and called Judith Collins a racist.

Have a listen:

Metiria Turei calls Judith Collins racist

This is a photo of Judith Collins and her husband David Wong-Tung.

David Wong-Tung and Judith Collins

David Wong-Tung and Judith Collins

Hmm…interesting…racist? It was only a matter of time before a fool socialist attacked Judith Collins and pulled the racist card…now Turei just looks silly and foolish.

I think not.

Metria Turei is showing exceeding thin skin and carping on about vitriol. She knows nothing about vitriol, but when you live in a castle made from tonnes of mined rock I guess you are insulated from the peasants and reality. If she wants to know all about vitriol then try calling West Coasters feral…then she will know all about vitriol. The precious drama queen meanwhile over eggs her case and focuses the attention on her fine living and resplendent accommodation behind castle walls and battlements.

Turei House2

Judith Collins has much too much class to respond to the ridiculous claims of Metiria Turei that she is a racist.

The racism is all in Turei’s exceedingly warped mind and the fact that she couldn’t really justify it with Duncan Garner just shows the level of intellectual dishonesty to even claim racism.