Good on ya Winston, you tell them


Winston Peters does make a habit of speaking his mind and today he gave a protestor at Waitangi her beans.

Good job…time to stand up to these feral protestors and their bullshit.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ response to a Waitangi protester’s tirade? “Shut up.”

The heckler rained insults on Prime Minister John Key as he entered the meeting house on Te Tii Marae this morning, ahead of Waitangi Day celebrations tomorrow.

“You are desert traders … You don’t love our ancestors … You are killing our babies … You are nothing but murderers … You are nothing but thieves,” she said.

Peters, watching the welcome from the sidelines, told her to shut up.

“This is not your land. You are not a tupuna,” he said.?

“Shut up, I want to hear them,” he said, as the welcome party started to sing.

Peters said while protest could be expected, the heckling was an “outrage”.

“There is a saying in Maoridom, when the hen crows, wring its neck. I am not calling for the modern day version, but you get my drift,” he said.

The woman’s performance during the formal welcome to the prime minister was an insult and an outrage, he said.

“She should be removed from the marae. In other parts of the country they would have long ago,” he said.

That will be another 2% in the polls.