Green solar scam is a “dishonest subsidy”

The Green party launched their now thoroughly discredited solar power plan on the weekend.

It involved ‘loans’ in order to buy and retro-fit your house with solar power. It is a bizarre policy that will directly undermine their support for the joint Green/Labour power policy, but that isn;t the worst aspect of the whole scam scheme.

Jamie Whyte, the new Act leader, explains.

?The Greens? Energy Policy announced today shows how dangerous they are to the New Zealand economy,” says ACT Party Leader-Elect Jamie Whyte.

?Cheap loans for solar panels are actually a dishonest subsidy.? The subsidy is hidden in the terms of the loan.? More honest would be to simply subsidise the panels, but in that harsh light people would see the policy for what it is – an election bribe ultimately funded by the taxpayer.

?Policies of subsidising biofuels have failed around the world – economically and ?environmentally. There is no reason to think that subsidising solar panels will be any more successful.?

?Solar energy is either viable or not viable.? If it?s viable it needn?t be subsidised – people would be installing it anyway. If residential solar panels are not yet viable, we shouldn’t be wasting taxpayer money on them – and the Greens have conveniently skipped saying what the cost of this loan guarantee will be.

?Technology is the key to a greener future, but by trying to play venture capitalist Norman is actually distorting the future potential to invest and innovate in the best possible technology at the best possible time.

?What New Zealand needs to improve investment in energy is investor confidence.? That requires a stable regulatory environment where the government sets stable rules rather than interrupting the market.”

I agreed 100%…these Green scams almost always rely upon a subsidy of some sort to make it all work. Any business or idea that needs subsidies to work is a dumb idea. Subsidies are evil.