Why does the Herald advocate on behalf of convicted fraudsters facing deportation?

This morning in the Herald is a story by The Gurnard about a convicted fraudster facing deportation…and no it isn’t Kim Dotcom for once.

Nonetheless the story is well within his bailiwick of reporting on a fraudster fighting deportation.

A fraudster who stole $350,000 of ratepayer money faces court action to have a deportation order enforced so he can be sent back to South Africa.

Attempts to deport Hendrik Pieter Jooste failed after he told a tribunal hearing deportation appeals it would be unfair on his children, who would stay in New Zealand.

The former Auckland City Council employee won a four-year stay on being deported.

The delayed deportation has been challenged by Immigration NZ, which has won Court of Appeal approval to fight the delay and have him returned to South Africa.

The deportation stems from a three-year fraud in which $350,000 of ratepayer money was taken to bolster a lifestyle which was beyond the means of a young immigrant family.

A recently qualified lawyer, Jooste moved to New Zealand in 2005 with his wife and daughter, 3. ?

Court documents show between 2005 and 2008 he siphoned money off Auckland City Council tenancies into his own property company. Court records show Jooste manipulated start and end dates of tenancies in council records, diverting rental funds falling outside those dates into his own company.

He also listed properties as vacant when they were tenanted, diverting the rent paid into his company.

Jooste told the?Herald?last night he was shocked by the court’s decision and was seeking legal advice.

Why is this cry-baby shocked that Immigration thinks he should go. He started defrauding Kiwis almost the second he stepped off the plane and cleared customs.

What is more concerning is the Herald seems to be continuing with its cry-baby journalism, pushing the cases of ratbags, crims and scumbags.

Are we supposed to give a shit about a ratbag who nicked $350,000?