Killer Cows now running suicide missions

Cows kill more people every year than sharks, way more than people than sharks. they are dangerous and are out for revenge too.

Now they are resorting to deploying suicide bombers.

Breaking news from Rasdorf, Germany:?Late last month, this farming village of some 1,500 souls was literally shocked when a shed housing 90 cows spontaneously burst into flames that singed the shed?s roof and the hide of one unlucky beast (who was later treated for burns). The culprit was no arsonist, but rather the hundreds of liters of potent methane gas produced inside of the cows? guts and emitted via their burping and flatulence. The gas had built up inside the shed and was ignited by a spark of static electricity. ?

The idea of a shed full of flammable cow farts is both disgusting and hilarious, but the problem of livestock methane production is actually far more insidious. Every year, the roughly?3.6 billion ruminants?on this planet?that?s cows, goats, sheep, and oxen that chew cud?emit 80 million metric tons of gas. Each day, a cow relieves itself of about 500 liters (or 132 gallons) of methane, roughly the same amount of pollution that a car produces in the same amount of time.

Thry are mobilising I tell you…we need to be vigilant.