At least she doesn’t have a batshit crazy wife with an office

Bob Parker can’t get a job so he is having a go at his successor.

What he doesn’t point out is that Lianne doesn?t have a batshit crazy wife who has an office in the council building and resulted in confidential payouts to staff who couldn?t stand her and got the arse card.

Former Christchurch mayor Sir Bob Parker has criticised his successor, Lianne Dalziel, for doubling staff numbers in her office without consulting ratepayers.

The staff changes for the Mayor’s Office were part of a restructure by the Christchurch City Council’s acting chief executive Jane Parfitt, as mayoral responsibilities increased. ?

Dalziel said the structure helped “create an efficient use of my time so I can devote myself to the city”.

Dalziel yesterday said she had made “an error in judgment” by not explaining the changes when staff were appointed.

Figures released under the Official Information Act show the mayoral office budget in the 2013-14 year was $385,952. The proposed budget for 2014-15 is $798,605.

There is nothing worse than irrelevant old politicians trying to wedge themselves back into the debate long after they ceased being useful.

Show some humility and gravitas Bob and STFU.