Len Brown has more front than Dolly Parton

Len Brown really has no shame. Here he is at the Howick Military Tattoo…an event he was asked not to attend.

More front than Dolly Parton: Len Brown brings his wife as a human shield.

More front than Dolly Parton: Len Brown brings his wife as a human shield and plays pocket billiards in front of her

I don’t know what is worse…Len Brown ignoring requests from organisers or bringing his missus to act as his human shield so he doesn’t get any push back from constituents afraid of upsetting the missus.

Well, I’m afraid that won’t work. This is clearly part of the plan concocted by the ratepayer funded spin doctors keen on keeping their jobs. Unfortunately now, though, Len Brown has made his wife a player in the political game. The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayoress Shan Inglis yesterday accompanied her husband Len Brown to the Howick Military Tattoo – an event from which the mayor had been told to stay away for fear he would attract protesters.

The couple spent about an hour strolling around Lloyd Elsmore Park, talking to Celts, Norsemen, military groups, members of the public and listening to a brass brand well away from the formal stage. ?

It was one of the first times the pair had been seen together at a large public event since the mayor’s affair with council adviser Bevan Chuang was revealed last October.

Ms Inglis said she enjoyed attending the free event, but had no comment on tattoo president and Howick ward councillor Sharon Stewart saying Mr Brown should stay away from the event.

“We have really enjoyed being here. It is lovely. It looks like the weather is going to be great,” said Ms Inglis when asked about Mrs Stewart’s comments.

The man has no shame. He will apologise to the citizens of Fukuoka for tearing up a garden, but won’t apologise to the citizens of Auckland for his appalling behaviour on council property screwing the crew. The garden may be replaced but Brown’s credibility never will.