Do Maori have a PR problem?


You may think that the screenshot above is fake…it is not. What it is however is the world of maori according to Google, and Google knows everything, they have the wisdom of crowds and the cleverness of their algorithms…and like it or not that is what people think of maori.

It is truly sad that on Waitangi Day this is actually what the world thinks of maori…but really do they have anyone to blame other than themselves? Year after year nothing changes. Hui after hui all we have is talk. And billions upon billions have been spent for no discernible gain.

If money was what solved problems then maori are the proof that it actually doesn’t.

Shane Jones hit the nail on the head last week…he spoke the truth…an unpalatable truth, but the truth nonetheless.

Iwi leaders are too focused on ?hustling resources out of the Government? and not doing enough to address the violence among young Maori men, Labour MP Shane Jones says.

Jones has hit out ahead of the Waitangi Day celebrations on Thursday and following a number of high-profile attacks on foreign visitors which he said was putting New Zealand?s reputation as a safe international destination at risk.?

?[It is] high time iwi leaders stopped obsessing over the ownership of earth, wind and fire and showed more ownership over the miserable record of the violence culture afflicting our young men,? said Jones, who hails from Northland?s Ngapuhi iwi.

He pointed to the attack on German tourists in Whakatane in December which left a 19-year-old man with missing teeth as well as cuts and bruises and an 18-year-old woman with facial and arm injuries including fractures.

There had been a number of such attacks on tourists ?and they invariably involve our young men?.

Each time there was ?an egregious case of wanton violence?, there was a ?tendency to fall back into a cuzzy bro culture?.

?Far too many of us serve up soupy excuses, that?s not good enough. You can?t deliver effective iwi leadership by just being a stern critic of society. We?ve got to be capable of censuring and uplifting ourselves.?

Iwi leaders tended not to see Maori crime as their problem, something he described as ?a cancerous miscalculation?.

?They are in a position of privilege and that privilege carries obligations,? he said. ?Jobs and industry are desperately needed, however equally important is our duty to censure and challenge the misery of M?ori male violence.?

The results of the misery of maori male violence are there for us all to see in the headlines, month after month, year after year.

Pete said to me, PLEASE don’t post a single dead maori baby photo. Ok, I listen to reason…I’m not going to post one, here are just four of the many out there.

Has anything really changed?