A reader emails about Waitangi Day

What does Waitangi Day mean to you?

A reader emails his thoughts:

Dear WO,

Reasons why do I love Waitangi Day: I get the day off work & I get the day off work ? that?s it.

I wish I had a day to celebrate NZ and being a NZer. Unfortunately the day supposedly set aside for such a celebration has never felt like a celebration.

Most of my generation (X/Y) don?t have a clue when it comes to Maori issues given the complexity in interpretation of the Treaty by the government & the ??Maori elite?? & quite simply don?t care ?much.

Put simply we know the Iwi?s get some land back and lots of money for their grievances but we all know it does not go where it is needed in regards to their ??own people??. We assume the money has been squandered away somewhere giving little back to the Maori who could benefit from it. My Maori friends have never seen a cent or an ounce of support from their Iwi when they have hit tough times thus they simply don?t understand what all the drama is about around the treaty. Why should they vote for Hone or the Maori party to work for them and their Iwi to get something from the crown that they will never benefit from??

We all feel proud of our country and how we became a Nation together, but how proud can we feel proud on our National Day when our National Day is marred by drama from radical Maori and left wing activists?

Forget Waitangi day. Waitangi Day is a day to embarrass us all as a Nation. Leave Waitangi, don?t send the media, go to the beach, have a BBQ, wave a flag, let off some fireworks and have a toast to ourselves as a reasonably united, multicultural & proud nation.

I am a true patriot but I will be having a nice day fishing for salmon on my Waitangi Day, by myself with the TV off.

Because I don?t care.

Shane Jones echoed this with his statement about Waitangi Day.

Told of the report somebody had shouted “cut his head off” , Labour MP Shane Jones, who is from Northland, said: “The Maori word for mental illness is wairangi. I often wonder if some people have Wairangi Day, not Waitangi Day”.