Russel Norman has a brain fade over secret Dotcom meetings

On top of that John Armstrong writes about the unfolding political corruption scandal surround the machinations of a fat German crook to avoid prosecution for his crimes.

The Greens are the dirtiest party in NZ politics.

Collusion with law breakers and fraudsters for their electoral gain is nothing new.

It’s a pity John Armstrong can’t see it. But he’s getting closer:

It is bad enough that the Greens are naive enough to sign up to the fan club which accords Kim Dotcom the folk hero status he clearly craves, but scarcely deserves as some modern-day Robin Hood of cyberspace.

Much worse, however, is that it now turns out that party is blithely willing to play politics with New Zealand’s courts, the country’s extradition laws and its extradition treaty with the United States.

Were John Key to allow some right-wing businessman facing extradition to stay in New Zealand in exchange for him abandoning his plans to establish a political party which might drain votes off National, then the Greens would be climbing on their high horses at break-neck speed and leading the charge in slamming the Prime Minister in no uncertain terms. And rightly so.

Yet the Greens seem to be so blinded by Dotcom’s aura that they seem to see nothing wrong with Russel Norman talking to Dotcom about the risks of the latter’s yet-to-be-launched Internet Party wasting centre-left votes, only for the party’s co-leader to subsequently declare that the Greens will probably fight Dotcom’s extradition.

It is all very murky and hypocritical – at best.?

I think it is a prima facie case of conspiring to defeat justice, both by the Green party and by Kim Dotcom.

By appearing to countenance such a massive conflict of interest through political interference in Dotcom’s potential ejection from New Zealand, Norman has instantly disqualified his party from having any ministerial posts in a coalition with Labour which involve responsibility for the extradition process.

In fact, Norman has probably disqualified his party from having any role in the Justice portfolio full stop.

It is now incumbent on Labour as the likely major party in such a coalition to give an assurance that portfolio will be quarantined from the Greens.

Unfortunately, Labour’s leader David Cunliffe was equivocal yesterday about ruling out special treatment for Dotcom.

Probably because Labour is donkey deep in dealing with Kim Dotcom too…with at least two MPs regular visitors to the mansion and one making regular and rather long phone calls to kim Dotcom.

Amidst all the fun, a lot of people seem to have forgotten Dotcom faces extremely serious allegations in the United States that he has made millions out of copyright theft.

Dotcom may have made himself the latest pin-up boy of the left. But his notoriety and money does not exempt him from being treated just like everyone else.

As a party which has vented savage criticism of National for cutting corners so SkyCity got the international convention centre deal and accused the governing party of trying to manipulate the electoral system through accommodations with minor parties. the Greens need to take a long hard look in the mirror and address matters much closer to home.

As I have said repeatedly in the last few days….there is a disturbance in the force.

People who have cuddled Kim Dotcom are going to look very foolish in coming weeks and months. Reputations and professional credibility are going to be wrecked permanently.

It’s coming.