Tell them to stick it John, it is just more brown-mail

Adam Bennett has reported in the NZ Herald that Ngapuhi were thinking of not inviting John Key to Waitangi and seriously considered giving him the cold shoulder.

He should give them a call and tell them to stick their invitation…they want to give the cold shoulder…how about they get the cold face and the black tent.

While anti-mining protesters are planning a torrid welcome for John Key at Waitangi tomorrow, the Prime Minister was close to receiving the cold shoulder from Te Tii Marae this year, Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua says.

Visiting politicians have been a magnet for heated protest at their traditional speaking engagement the day before Waitangi Day at the marae several hundred metres down the road from the Treaty grounds.

This morning saw a scuffle as Hinewhare Harawira – sister of Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira – attempted to prevent Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae from going on to the marae.

Mr Taurua today confirmed the decision to allow Mr Key and other politicians to speak this year was only narrowly agreed.?

Those opposed to Mr Key speaking believed the Treaty was not being honoured, he told the?Herald.

“They only pick pieces of the Treaty when they want to and they don’t consult, they don’t talk to us about it and they just go ahead and make the process, for example the asset sales.”

However a narrow majority “felt that this is the only opportunity for us to express our feelings about the Government if they come on.

“Others say that if we stop them coming on the country will ask why and then we can tell them.”

These folk are living in the past and keeping the grievance industry alive. Time to end it by stopping pandering to their every whim and brown-mail attempt.