Time for an Independent Commission of Corruption

In Australia the unions and the Labor party stand charged with many, many counts of political corruption. In Australia they have an institution with teeth, the powers to compel evidence, the powers to prosecute…it is called the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Fiji also has an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Why not here?

With the latest revelations of political corruption involving the Labour party, from David Cunliffe on down, Shane Taurima who is a prospective Labour party candidate and TVNZ, we are seeing and extension of the willingness of the left-wing to abandon any semblance of ethics in journalism and corrupt their organisation like Alistair Thompson has done to Scoop Media.

For years the left-wing has accused the right of collusion and corruption with the media, and now we are seeing month after month of left-wing politicians prostituting and prostrating themselves before the altar of corruption.

The Herald reports on the latest fiasco:

TVNZ unit manager Shane Taurima has resigned from the state broadcaster after revelations he took part in a Labour Party hui and that TVNZ facilities were used to host Labour Party meetings.

3 News reported tonight that TVNZ offices were used to host a meeting of Labour’s Tamaki Makaurau branch last year. TVNZ staff emails were also used to organise a subsequent hui in January this year which Labour leader David Cunliffe attended. Mr Taurima, the head of TVNZ’s Maori and Pacific unit, had acted as a facilitator and spoken about the Maori vote at that January hui. 

Mr Taurima stood for selection for the Labour Party in the Ikaroa-Rawhiti byelection last year but was beaten by Meka Whaitiri. Mr Taurima stood down from his TVNZ role during the selection, but was given the job back afterwards.

TVNZ is now investigating the involvement with Labour of three other staff in the Maori and Pacific unit who used TVNZ email for Labour business.

We ned more than an internal investigation. We need more than the Office of teh Auditor-General and we need more than a ministerial inquiry.

How on earth can Craig Foss claim this is a management issue, he is the commerce minister he should know what a board and shareholding minister is and should probably resign and be replaced with someone who has a spine.

But this highlights the highly political nature of this current predicament…how does a minister of the ruling party possibly frame an inquiry without calls from the target party of his own corruption.

The opposition party in making such calls is already corrupted but they have the possibility to murk it up. Craig Foss hasn’t done himself any favours…and highlights through his prevarication why it is we need an Independent Commission Against Corruption.

The excuses are over…there can be no more. We have a prima facie case of political manipulation of the state broadcaster.



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  • Col

    So Labour will have too wipe that grin off there face, what a disgrace and Cunnylips knew it was happening and even went too meetings there, shame shame.

  • Pete

    “We have a prima facie case of political manipulation of the state broadcaster.”

    And with my bloody money!

    I agree Cam, we need this independent commission.

    • Night Stick

      Key could blow this wide open but apparently he has gone into hibernation on this one. Musn’t upset Maoris.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        It is interesting watching how Key operates. Cunliffe hears the latest hot topic and issues a statement within 24 hours about how Labour would act and how National is dropping the ball. Key on the other hand answers questions very diplomatically but only says that he will take advice – no commitment until he has guaged the extent of any fallout. For many of us, we think he is missing an opportunity, but really he is acting very prudently and can always hold the winning hand by saying later on, that after taking advice he has decided that of course there needs to be action. No ‘off the cuff’ commitments from Key, unlike his counterparts who love the limelight a little too much and say things that then get dissembled because Key wont commit.

  • MyTake

    Oh dear, oh dear. Shane Taurima before leaving TVNZ to try an win Parekura’s old seat sailed close to the wind in his interviewing technique on Q&A – his style when talking at Ministers was clearly following a left wing agenda and made for rather poor informative political debate.
    And now he has been outted using state owned assets to further his political agenda. Methinks his journalistic career should be over…. but he will be probably hired by Maori TV now.
    TV3 are going to have fun with this BUT John Campbell’s open move in to advocacy politics on Campbell Live opens them to counter jibes from TVNZ …. should be fun watching the fall out

    • RAS

      Campbell Live is absolute leftist rubbish but the difference is that I’m not forced to pay for it -unlike TVNZ and Red Radio.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Cam you have been going on about this in the past and I have nodded in agreement. But now I agree, enough is enough. NZ is becoming more and more tolerant of corruption. There are cases being brought by you and others on a daily basis that need investigation. There is a little known bible verse that says, “It is the little foxes that spoil the vines”. Song of Solomon 2:15. The implication here is that if you let little things continue to make a mess, you end up with disaster. It is time we earnestly begin to stomp out corruption in New Zealand. Yes we need an Independent Commission of Corruption.

    • Murray Irwin

      One of the measures of success for such a commission, would be when the threat of investigation causes the dodgy to stick to the straight and narrow. But there are always some who think they are either above the law, or won’t get caught. so bring on the Commission.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I sent a message to Q+A about Taurima’s interview technique with Govt ministers and got a reply ” Thats just his interview style “. Well we now know why he was like that and I wonder if Q+A knew what his agenda was really.

  • LesleyNZ

    If Fiji can do it – we can do it too! Murray might like to ask Fiji how it is done.

  • Russell

    Why is this a shock to anybody?
    Labour governments the world over always ensure two things when faced with losing power.
    1. Spend all the money and commit to massive over spends to give the incoming government a head ache.
    2. Put in place a government in exile prior to leaving. Fill every state owned business and government department with fellow travellers, court media and if possible have your people in key positions within the media.
    You only have to look at scoop and certain repeaters at the Herald to know this is true.
    Buy favour by ensuring that thousands of key people owe their positions to your patronage.
    Taurima is now a busted flush. If enough noise is made they will not dare give him a safe list position.

    • Time For Accountability

      I still remember Cullen delivering his last budget.

      Presented with knowledge of the economic crisis he kept from the public.
      Election bribe expenditure that stuffed the coffers and is still doing so. All designed to make the new guys bad if they altered it.

      We turned around and grinned an evil grin as if to indicate – Stuff you National work your way out of that.

      • Rodger T

        Yes I remember also,smirking when he told the sycophantic media ,it did`nt matter if they lost the election,he had emptied the cupboard and the Nats could not do anything about it.
        Summed the entire Labour attitude towards NZ and NZers,then he went on to stuff NZ Post.

      • philbest

        Since then I have become deeply cynical about responsible governments. I can see merit in what the Republicans in the USA do. What is the point of years of fiscal responsibility if the lefties blow the lot anyway when they get back into power, AND the MSM revises history to turn people against the fiscally responsible government?

        I now wish the Bolger government had indebted NZ to the max building highways and infrastructure, and left nothing for Cullen to blow on utter vote-buying wastage.

      • Patrick

        Flat out lied about PREFU – should have been up on corruption charges but instead was given a gong – by National. WTF is all I can say!!

      • AnonWgtn

        Cullen told Treasury to ignore the $4 billion debt owed to ACC.
        Typical lying (pommy) Socialist. A real cheat in all directions.

  • Russell

    With regard to an independent commission on corruption.
    How do you ensure it remains independent? Sooner or late the left will win an election and they will stack the commission with people like Mike Williams and other leftard trough pigs.
    Be careful what you wish for.. Supreme court is a good example of this.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      One would think that there would be rules for engagement of staff. No political personalities for a start.

    • philbest

      We are getting to the point where we literally need dual systems, one appointed by the government and the other appointed by the opposition. Corruption is clearly corruption regardless of who exposes it. Both sides should have considerable powers to audit the other. This would guarantee low levels of corruption. Everything else, as you say, would merely result in partisan hijacking of the investigative body in perpetuity, by the Left.

  • roxo

    I finally agree as I am sick of seeing this sort of carry on becoming more and more the norm – although this was not the final nail for me. The whole slant of media is becoming more and more partisan, even in the way they address certain politicians – which I have no problem with but TVNZ is taxpayer funded and is supposed to be neutral.

    How about the Ombudsman declaring “John Banks police interview IS in the public interest” yet Lenny and his back room deals is NOT? Why? And the applicant for Banks’ interview being released – David Fisher, supposedly a journalist for the Herald – and writer of a book on – Dotcon! Any conflict of interest at all?

    JK – you could garner some support in announcing an Independent Commission on Corruption.

  • skyshore

    Len Brown and the left at it again. From 1ZB. Apparently submissions close on the unitary plan 28th Feb, it has just been discovered that local iwi have to sign off on any planning approval up to 19 on any one plan approval. License to print money! Time for investigation apparently as after it passes in Auckland it will apply to the rest of NZ. Local Councillors are embarrassed and can’t do much about remedying the situation, apparently, If they didn’t know how can we? Democracy in action.

    • philbest

      I have been saying for a while that one of the most obvious places to look for corruption is in urban planning.

      UGB’s and upzonings and so on can create 2000% capital gain for site owners in under a decade. Massive amounts of public money going into a rail loop benefit the CBD property owners at everyone else’s expense.

      I smell it thousands of miles away, that local politicians who can remain nameless for the purposes of this comment, have some personal interest in creating these capital gains, this is why they are so hell bent on ramming things through regardless of how many lies the public needs to be fed en route.

    • Win

      Yes, this is happening right now under the Proposed Auckland
      Unitary Plan. My understanding is that it was not in the Draft Plan but has magically appeared in the Proposed Plan. And I have been affected, told
      that 6 iwi needed to respond on this very, very minor work. Reply from one iwi rep was to deposit $500 into his bank account before they would consider responding. There is no limit as to the amount that can be demanded. Council commented that it is a big problem, so they are well aware of the demands.

      • WABloke

        “Reply from one iwi rep was to deposit $500 into his bank account before they would consider responding.” That sounds like extortion to me. Maybe Iwi is the new Mafia?

        • Dave

          you were going well until you used “maybe” in the last sentence.

  • Wine Man

    I listened to Colin Craig last night on Radio Live and I have to say I agree with his stance he has taken on Taliban Normans comments about him. There is a line between politicking and straight out lying and slandering a person. I have watched with fascination over the past 15 years as the language of politics has gotten a lot worse.

    Sure I agree barbs and posturing are part of the political landscape but it appears the ability to be witty and cleaver in the manner in which those are given has become a lost art. Like a school ground bully the large number of lower quality and less astute members or parliament we have now seem to fall back on personality politics and straight out lies, knowing that the 10 secs the sound bite will get in the media will last longer than the apology or retraction for the lie. Norman has a history or lying and exaggeration in his comments as does other members of the left. it is time someone took him to task and I applaud Colin for at least having the balls to say enough is enough.

    My only disappointment is he is not looking for any financial recompense as I would love to see the Green Party and Taliban Norman bankrupted once and for all.

    I now this comment is not directly related to the post but I believe it does also point to the corruption that is allowed to foster within our system today.

    • ex-JAFA

      Wussel needs to be told that making shit up about his party’s areas of interest is one thing, but to make shit up about someone else is quite another. I don’t particularly like CC and think he needs to harden up if he wants to make a go of it in politics, but I support him defending himself against blatant lies… particularly when made by such a profligate merchant of dishonesty.

      EDIT: Blonde moment in original text corrected.

    • Jman

      The reality is that Craig taking this defamation case against Norman is simply going to give Norman plenty of opportunities to pontificate in front of the adoring media about how he bravely will not be silenced and will continue to speak out against injustice yadda yadda….the only thing Colin Craig gets out of it is more media attention. Just another circus to district us plebs from the real issues.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        i/2 right. Yes Colin gets attention which he must manufacture however he can to give him chances for voters to resonate with him. But Norman will come out of this as a bully when a judge accepts that Norman did speak untruthfully about Craig. He will then be on record as a liar.

        • kamatua

          Ruskie Norman IS A LIAR! no 1/2 truths about that. Everything that spurt out of this commie ‘s mouth are lies.

      • Wine Man

        I agree it is a distraction that no one really wants and for sure Taliban Norman will try and twist it for all its worth, however we do hear a lot about school yard bullying yet we condone it if it is performed by our politicians. I don’t agree with CCs politics and wont vote for him but if a bully is allowed to lie and these are allowed to become the truth then our own inaction is as bad as the crime.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      It was bullying by Norman. The Greens are fast becoming outright activists and no longer the ‘decent folk’ which is the image they have manufactured for so long to go with their clean, green image. Jeanette Fitzsimmons was a good fit. Russel is a liar and pretender.

      • philbest

        “Eco-fascist” is a good term for all such people in any case.

      • Patrick

        You mean the cloak is dropping? They have always been bullying activists & communists to boot but have managed to keep it well hidden behind media friendlies such as Donald & Fitzsimmons, now all is revealed & the voter is (or should be) all the better off for it.

  • timemagazine

    If you want the matter to disappear, just make a lame internal investigation. And….nothing or almost nothing will happen. Remember the Lenny Brown investigation?

  • Dave

    The sad truth is the entire country knows the station is run by labour, for labour.

  • Dan

    The first place investigated should be the Waitangi Tribunal. And all claims paid out should be investigated. There is no bigger fraud in NZ in my view.

    • WABloke

      With you 100%.

      When that’s done there should be an independent archaeological dig in all the places that have moratoriums (Maori-toriums?) on them to get the bottom of who was in New Zealand first. Why is it that whenever something interesting is discovered/dug up elsewhere in the world everyone of note is all over it like a rash, carbon dating and theorising. Anything of interest dug up in NZ is bulldozed into oblivion or handed over to iwi never to be seen again. Funny that.

      Oh; and let’s not forget that DOC is often involved, maybe we should have a look at them too.

  • NZSocialRevolution

    Personal Ethical and Moral values should be the standard of how we choose our leaders. Not how rich they are, how good at business they are. The people with the highest of Personal Values should be selected to lead (along with other leadership type qualities). These people should all then have a large amount of Personal Responsibility and Personal Accountability in their positions. Rather than the rubbish we have now where basically none of these parliamentarians are really held accountable for any of their cock-ups.

    • NZSocialRevolution

      Once a leader has been chosen that has demonstrated in his life the highest of moral and ethical standards, along with other qualities that are desireable in a leader, such as, the ability to cause a body of people to follow (as opposed to what John Key etc are like, these people do not truly “lead” and are not real “leaders”), the ability to identify problems, and to get resolutions to such problems.

      My ideas on the moral and ethical qualities that someone who desires to be the Leader of our nation should have are along these lines:

      He must not be greedy. A man should not be put into Leadership who is characteristically a lover of money. Such a one, no matter what his talents may be, has no proper qualification for the office, and will do more harm than good.

      He must be sacrificial, the Leaders must be willing and able to give of themselves.

      He must not be a user/abuser of drugs or alcohol. No more dangerous and hurtful practice is known to man that the use of drugs and booze. A Leader must set a good example in all things.

      Practices charity or Donation.

      The Leader must not be of such a stubborn spirit that he clings to his own will and refuses to listen to reason or facts. One in such a position must have the sincere desire to fully investigate all sides, to know the full truth, and then be guided by it, and not by the self-will of his own. However, the final decision must be his alone as the Leader must have Full Authority to make decisions and with Full Authority he has Full Responsibility and Accountability for the decisions he makes. Unlike the “leaders” of today who seem to have zero accountability for their misdeeds.

      The Leader must be a man a man of a sound mind; having a good understanding, and the complete control of all his passions. A Leader should be a man of learning, of an extensive and well cultivated mind, prudent in his actions.

      A Leader must have an established character in the community. He must not only be favourably known by his community, but he must also have a good reputation in the community.

      A Leader must be just. One who is just is one who tries strictly to perform his duties toward men – the duties which integrity and justice seem imperatively to ask of him in his relation with his neighbour.

      A Leader must be self-controlled. Holding all his desires and appetites in restraint so moderate in their gratification. The Leader not only must be able to control his tongue, his eyes, and his hands, but must show a just and wise moderation.

      Not young. An older man must take on the Leadership of the country due to the fact he has a proven track record.

      The less the responsibility of the individual leader, the more numerous will be those who, despite their most insignificant stature, feel called upon to put their immortal forces in the service of the nation

  • Murray Irwin

    One of the measures of success for such a commission, would be when the threat of investigation causes the dodgy to stick to the straight and narrow. But there are always some who think they are either above the law, or won’t get caught. so bring on the Commission.