TVNZ trivialise Charlotte Dawson’s plight



A US Talk Show host had a regular feature with TV and Movie Stars reading hurtful or dumb tweets that people sent them. ?TVNZ thought it was going to be good TV to show what sort of Tweets its own “stars” receive at times.

But it appears they didn’t have good enough examples, especially for nice-guy Peter Williams. ?I mean, who would send Peter anything truly nasty?

So TVNZ had a solution.

To overstate the point, and to create maximum effect, they just made some shit up. ?

TVNZ’s?Breakfast?show presenters have apologised for fake bullying messages read out by colleagues on national television.

Veteran broadcaster Peter Williams and?Seven Sharp?reporter Dean Butler are being dealt with by TVNZ management after it was revealed messages they read in a segment on the?Breakfast?programme about online bullying were fake.

They and eight colleagues at TVNZ were asked to read insulting comments aloud for the segment, which dealt with online bullying and abuse after the death of television personality Charlotte Dawson.

Great way to make a point people. ?Not only have you just torn a fair strip off your journalistic integrity, it is a pretty low way to trivialise what Charlotte was facing.

It is understood that earlier this week?Breakfast?reporter Sam Wallace approached colleagues to read messages they had been sent by members of the public to highlight the issue of abuse people in the public eye suffered. The piece was applauded by viewers and other media alike.

Williams read: “My mother always told me that people who talk slowly think slowly.

You talk slowly, Peter Williams.”

Butler said his message was: “Don’t take this the wrong way but I hope someone punches you.”

The fact the fake tweet even contained “Peter Williams” clearly shows that?Peter Williams himself would have been absolutely aware it wasn’t a real tweet.

TVNZ are spinning like a top to try and contain the damage.

“Even though they could have taken their pick from genuine viewer abuse, Peter Williams and Dean Butler misunderstood what they’d been asked to provide and read aloud messages that hadn’t come from our viewers,” Mr Gillespie said.

Bullshit. ?Peter picked a Tweet that had his own name in it, even though he didn’t receive it?

To close this article, this excellent quote

Lifeline chief executive Jo Denvir said she feared the fabricated messages might trivialise online bullying and suicide. “It is a very real phenomenon – you don’t actually need to make anything up,” she said.

Paul Henry was gotten rid of for stating the truth.

Will TVNZ have the integrity to get rid of people who knowingly lied?


UPDATE: ?Throng puts TVNZ’s feet to the fire too.


– Herald