Tweet of the Day, news is starting to leak of problems at the top in Team NZ

Cactus Kate nails it…there are many, many rumours floating around about issues within Team NZ.

Some have started flowing into the tipline and from very good sources. The Paul Henry Show also looked into the issues with an interview with Dean Barker.

Before the government tips anymore taxpayer cash into Team NZ I seriously think that they need to conduct some proper due diligence and debriefs of key staff and also run their auditors through the books.

I’m not sure the Emirates folks will want what is hiding under the covers either.

There hasn’t yet been a proper debrief of the debacle.

Reports from my sources say that Grant Dalton was flagging and something like 20% weaker than the weakest person in the sailing team putting extra pressure on the other grinders.?

Grant Dalton is also reputed to run the camp with an iron fist including access to sponsors and contacts…though at least one major sponsor I have spoken to suggests that before they pony up again there needs to be changes at the top. Personal conflicts and business issues are what has been cited as the reasons for reticence in re-upping for another go.

Media ask the question daily as to how Len Brown can run Auckland City, however nothing is asked about?Grant Dalton and his ability to run a NZ taxpayer founded team under the same circumstances. Some of his activities certainly impacted the team in the finals and team members who have talked under condition of anonymity say that his decision-making processes near the end were severely impacted.

it is believed that well-respected sailors front-footed?Dalton 4 weeks before the Americas Cup final only to be suppressed by?Dalton’s overpowering style of management.

If there has been a full and frank review of Team NZ then it hasn’t been made public and given the considerable amount of government cash that was pumped through there it probably should be. The word is though any review or report was a once over lightly and certainly not thorough.

Before we commit again we should have a proper investigation and audit from the top down.