Labour hypocrisy over state servant candidates

It is never a good look when candidates for office appear in the news, but it is pretty scurrilous for Labour to be attacking Parmjeet Parmar when their own candidates are less than clean themselves. Rajen Prasad should also be very careful about going after people when I note Prasad himself must have campaigned for Labour while a commissioner – because he was named on Labour’s list very soon after he stood down.

I suspect there is a bit of Indian politics at play here, but Parmjeet doesn’t help herself when she talks to delegates claiming she has the support and is the preferred candidate for John Key and Peter Goodfellow. All that is going to happen now is some journalist is going to ask John Key if he supports Parmjeet and he is going, as he should, to say no. Selections are in the hands of the delegates not the plaything of the president of the party and the prime minister.

The Families Commission is facing scrutiny over political links, after one of its commissioners was photographed campaigning with Prime Minister John Key.

During a select committee hearing, Labour MP Dr Rajen Prasad held up a photograph of commissioner Dr Parmjeet Parmar wearing a National Party ribbon with Key at a recent Auckland event.

Prasad said he understood Parmar was planning to run as National Party candidate and asked chief commissioner Belinda Milne whether it was appropriate for a potential candidate to remain as a commissioner.

Milne said she had heard “rumours” of Parmar’s political involvement but she had no knowledge of any candidacy.

“There are all sorts of rumours going around about who is doing what,” she said.

“Until there is a firm situation … we can’t do anything.”

She said another staff member was intending to run as candidate for Labour, which he had declared to the commission. They had already discussed with him how to separate his political activities from his work. 

Parmjeet Parmar isn’t a declared candidate and right now this is just another Labour hit fed to a lazy media who haven’t looked at the background of the messenger.

But Labour does have an employee of the Families Commission who is a candidate and is seriously crossing the boundaries of proper behaviour.

 Strangely he claims he is the Labour MP for Otaki – which is a lie since he has neither been elected nor is he likely to beat Nathan Guy when the election is held on September 20.


Also lots of campaigning here – I wonder if any of this was uploaded in work time, from the timestamps it would appear so.

He has a long history in Labour, including being a former press secretary to Ruth Dyson.

David Farrar notes:

The staff member who is a Labour candidate is Rob McCann, who is the White Ribbon Campaign Manager at the Families Commission. He’s not just wearing the odd rosette – he’s personally attacking Government Ministers on his Facebook page:

  • “Good to see Labour tackling what has been such an intrusive and yet secretive government. Odd how Key is happy to spy on us, yet call in the police over a teapot tape.”
  • “Excellent day fundraising with the Waikanae Branch of the Labour Party. All proceeds going towards giving John Key a permanent holiday in Hawaii.”

But worse of all, he is promoting a graphic attacking the very Minister in charge of the Families Commission:


Labour’s sanctimony and double standards are breath-taking. It seems that you aren’t allowed to stand for public office if you are a National aprty member and a state servant, but it is ok if you are going to do it for Labour.

Perhaps Mr McCann and Rajen Prasad need a refresher:



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  • Damien Cavendish

    Sir Robert Jones made the observation nearly 40 years ago that National MPs are businessmen or farmers or professionals whereas the Labour MPs are school teachers or public servants.

    He made the cutting observation that “National politicians have something to go back to” after politics.

    So it is hypocritical for Labour to criticise this woman (whom nobody has ever heard of) when Labour only recruits from otherwise unemployable public servants and school teachers (they probably become teachers because it is the only way they can get any sex), due to the absence in their party of anyone of quality or who is in a profitmaking undertaking.

    The 4th ‘non’ issue this week which doesn’t interest anybody or matter (and it is only Thursday!)

    • Agent Balzac

      Whats interesting is that Paula has dragged herself out of solo parenthood so she has been to WINZ. She’s stood in the queues and seen the clients they have. She has BEEN one of them. This is one of the things that makes her an outstanding Minister for her portfolio. Now someone like Peej or Kosh could say “and she closed all the loopholes after she used them”. Unfortunately for them this is bull because anyone in NZ can get a student loan and make something of their lives. Unfortunately most girls go on hair dressing and make up courses.

      Ed: swearing.

      • Damien Cavendish

        Just supposing for a moment that she has ‘closed loopholes’ surely that is a good thing?
        Who wants more people on welfare?

      • Blokeintakapuna

        It’s also a complete misnomer to compare the 1980’s situation to 2014 today…

        Although that hasn’t stopped the Labour Party and their band of followers…

      • Kimbo

        If they grew up in a manse like Jenny Shipley, they are “out-of-touch”.

        If they come from the ranks of the battlers, they are “traitors”.

        Lesson: Haters gonna hate.

  • alien

    labour doing what labour do best, sling mud and hope it sticks long enough for people to know they really have no policy, no leadership and are struggling to stay afloat. Financially and morally bankrupt party.

  • kaykaybee

    I will be appalled if this so-called public servant still has a job come office closing this arvo. Will we be seeing the MSM rushing to report this double standard in a hurry? I’ll not be holding my breath

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Maybe his manager and the the respective State Services Authorities might be having a “please explain” meeting with him…

      • kaykaybee

        Not betting the farm on it I hope BiT !

  • Dick Brown

    Hmm very interesting.

    This election could boil down to The Battle Of The Whips.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Spare a moment to feel sorry for labour then.
      It will be all self-flagellation combine with a little bit of imposed whipping by National.
      On their current form.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Bennet is not fit to be a minister……”
    c/ 2009….When all of Labour were going after her, because they perceived (that word again) her to be weak.
    Wrong again Mr Edwards…who’s the one with “….neither the intelligence nor the judgement…” now???
    I do so love beating these lefties up, with their OWN stick!!!!

  • countproperly

    This probably is the only time we have heard from this list MP and unfortunately it is to do with spilling venom. Whenever I saw him sitting quietly in the house, I always thought that he was listening, observing and learning from the masters, that is the National party, he obviously is proving me wrong. A word of advice to him and his ilk, a larger part of the electorate wants solutions and the sooner he as a politician master’s this the sooner he will move from a coat tail, bludger position to an elected MP, that has an electorate to represent. Another clue for him, he has been promoted by Mr. Cunliffe to being a spokesperson and associate spokesperson for 2 roles albeit they may be minor in the overall scheme of things. Get yourself stuck in how you can improve on the current offering in those 2 portfolio’s instead of playing the mudslinging roles, man. You have seen it in your current leader, always being negative and playing the blame game will only take you so far. You would have read the bird and the cow story, it is very relevant, thing about it before you open your mouth again the next time.

    • AnonWgtn

      I always thought Prasad was asleep.

  • richard.b

    I was going to suggest a ‘Hypocrisy of the Day’ post but I really think there are far too many to choose from thes days.

    • Agent Balzac

      HOTH. Hypocrisy Of The Hour.

  • mike

    After having several conversations with Mr McCann on FB I can attest to his nastiness and pettiness.

    • Agent Balzac

      Screenshot them. We can do with a good point & laugh.

  • mike

    I questioned Mr McCann about this, his response was that to the left of that there is a title “Currently running for” and upon reflection he appears to be correct.

    Possibly a retraction is called for?

  • caochladh

    I am of the opinion that Rajun Prasad has been a waste of space from the day he started blagging the public purse. Can anyone tell me of anything worth while this idiot has accomplished?

  • David

    Prasad is a bludger and it is time he left parliament like many other Labour MPs who are long past their use by dates. Rather than knowing if commission staff are standing for election I’d be more interested in Mr Prasad telling us what the Families Commission does or has achieved? How much are commission staff like McCann paid?