Bigger boobs on the taxpayer; guilt forces her into prostitution to pay it back

We have enjoyed a reasonable level of sanity in New Zealand over the last 6 years. ?I’m talking about the sort of sanity that doesn’t make unemployed young women with small breasts think that the tax payer owes her a free bigger chest. ?I reported on this folly last year:

Since then, she has made a real mess of it. ?Check this out ??

A glamour model who sparked outrage when it emerged that she’d had a ?4,800 breast enlargement operation on the NHS has?revealed she is pregnant just months after starting a career as an escort.

Mother-of-two?Josie Cunningham, 23, from Leeds in West Yorkshire, is worried her new baby?s father could be one of her clients after revealing she is earning up to ?1,000 a night in her new ‘great job’.

Ms Cunningham turned to escort work after feeling guilty that her breast enlargement surgery had come at the taxpayers’ expense and has vowed to fully refund the NHS using the money she earns.

Here she is – post op:


I’m not trying to be demeaning, but the NHS could have sent her to some remedial make up classes as well. ? You know, since it is all about self esteem?

But, let’s return to this trainwreck mother of 2, now pregnant to a customer (unprotected sex!?), who somehow managed to get the UK tax payer to upgrade her store front.

A few months later Cunningham suffered a skin cancer scare – a fright that left her embarrassed about wasting taxpayer’s money on cosmetic surgery.

‘I realised I was wrong to think I deserved the cash for my boob job as much as anyone else with an illness – there are far more worthy causes.’

Shortly after her epiphany, Ms Cunningham turned to escort work to raise enough money to fully reimburse the NHS for her breast enlargement.

23, unmarried, 2 kids, cancer, unprotected sex with clients and pregnant.

Although she claims to have already raised ?1,000-pounds for the NHS, she admitted she has spent some of the money on baby clothes.

‘I feel bad, but my baby comes first,’ she said.

Ms Cunningham said she turned to escorting when a friend told her she’d earn good money.

‘I enjoyed sex so it seemed like a good idea,’ she said.

Ms Cunningham said she slept with her fourth client, an unmarried surgeon in his mid-thirties, on her third date with him. He paid her ?1,000, she claims.

Josie Cunningham aside, it worries me that the UK has a social welfare and medical system that allows people like Josie access to non essential surgery like breast enlargement.

The same money could have paid for quite a few lasic eye surgeries for example.

We may complain a lot about silly spending in New Zealand, but thank goodness we’ve not yet sunk to the depths that produce the Josie Cunningham’s of the world.