Cunliffe calls to stand himself down

So is David Cunliffe is now saying Judith Collins ?should be stood down for not answering questions she wasn?t asked.?

If that is his new standard ? then shouldn?t he be sacking himself after he provided less than fulsome answers to the Herald on Sunday when they asked about a property deal involving his formerly secret donor Perry Keenan?

Cunliffe did not disclose his visits when the?Herald on Sunday?inquired about it on February 22. This weekend, he said he had checked his recording of the interview and he had truthfully answered questions about any beneficial ownership of the property. “If you had asked me whether I had visited the property, then my answer would have been yes,” Cunliffe said.

That’s just tricky of David Cunliffe to apply a standard which he won’t hold himself to.

If this is the new standard then what is the point of having Trade Ministers and Foreign Ministers or indeed any ministers because under Labour’s claims they would need to be cloistered in a monastery-style cantonment to ensure they don’t ever mix with friends, or the lower people.