The Huddle


I was on Larry Williams? show The Huddle last night with Josie Pagani.

Our topics wee:

  • The disappearing plane ? God only knows what?s happened to it. But what is astounding is that apparently no one checks if you?re travelling on a stolen passport. For all the hassle you have to go through to get on a flight nowadays,? hand over your pocket knife/lipstick, tip out your water, put your perfume/aftershave in a bag take off your shoes type of security ? what kind of nonsense is it that no one bothers to check if you?re being dodgy with ?your passport?
  • The beat up over the Antoine?s fundraiser dinner. As it?s been pointed out if Tony hadn?t taken it upon himself to hand the money over in one lump sum, it would never have been declared at all ? if the money was given as smaller donations in itself it would have gone under the radar.
  • Quick chat about the election date (Election date is Saturday September 20th 2014)?