It isn’t going away Len, poll says naff off Noddy

Len Brown thinks that his problems have gone away and that in his mind most Aucklanders want him to carry on in the job.

The NZ Herald/Digipoll busts that little misconception this morning.

Bernard Orsman delivers the bad news to Len Brown.

Len Brown will find it tough to be re-elected Mayor of Auckland, according to a new?Herald-DigiPoll survey.

Only 22.7 per cent of the people questioned in this month’s poll said they would vote for Mr Brown in the 2016 elections; 57.7 per cent said they would not. The other 20 per cent said they did not know or did not vote in local body elections.

The poll suggests women and the elderly were particularly upset by revelations about his extramarital affair and undeclared hotel stays.?

And it is women who loathe the mere sight of Brown.

A gender and age breakdown of the latest figures showed women and the elderly are particularly upset with the behaviour of the mayor, who is married with three daughters. His affair with council adviser Bevan Chuang lasted for two of the three years of his first term.

Nearly two-thirds of women and 69.7 per cent of people aged over 65 say they will not vote for him in future.

Men, on the other hand, are slightly more forgiving of Mr Brown, with 44.6 per cent saying he should have resigned last year, compared to 55.2 per cent of women.

Len Brown should face facts that this isn’t going away. The Herald will run polls like this every three months and it will continue to dog the mayor.

The public don’t want him. He should resign.

Source/ NZ Herald