Labour Party tweet acknowledges National’s tight control on economy


$52 mil since 2008? ?That doesn’t sound that bad.


Another giant social media own goal (SMOG)

To be honest, the idea of Russel Norman as finance minister may end up being a brilliant solution to a Labour Party that just can’t get the numbers right.

What’s more, ?is that by attacking debt (fueled by the GFC and quakes) they seem to be suggesting that National should have cut more spending – which is at odds with their opposition to every cut that National has made.

National inherited forecasts of ever increasing debt and never ending deficits – it’s incredible that it has turned around so quickly.

So the question to Labour is if they think debt is too high – what would they cut – the Christchurch rebuild – the investment in infrastructure, ?working for families, benefits, health, education… what?

More double speak from the party of tricky Dave