Labour poll-axed in Digipoll

in big twubble

The latest Herald/Digipoll is out and the reading isn’t at all good for David Cunliffe or for Labour.

Labour has a two in the front of their number.

Labour’s support has sunk nearly six points and it is polling only 29.5 per cent in the?Herald-DigiPoll survey.

The popularity of leader David Cunliffe has fallen by almost the same amount, to 11.1 per cent. That is worse than the 12.4 per cent worst rating of former leader David Shearer.

National could govern alone with 50.8 per cent if the poll were translated to an election result.

The popularity of John Key as Prime Minister has climbed by 4.6 points to 66.5 per cent.?

All of Labour’s smears and attacks during the polling period have now blown up in their face. Even the Herald editors, pushing the attacks harder than anyone else, presumably in an attempt to recover the poll situation have been shown up.

Voters are much smarter than the opposition and media give them credit for.

They know that secret trusts and donations are dodgy and they know that a dinner and a glass of milk is no big deal. This poll proves that.

If you want any reason to understand why Labour and Cunliffe are sinking fast look at this video of his attempt at some sort of joke.

The full poll results are telling.


Labour and Cunliffe are in big trouble, and now face the unending pain like that which National faced in 2002.

There is no way out. People do not follow or vote for losers. The polls will become self-fulfilling.

All those game changers seem to be working…for National.