Labour still can’t do maths; do anything with dates

John Key announces the election date as 20th of September 2014.

Labour responds with


But the answer is 194.  


Can’t  anyone  in Labour get anything  right?

Perhaps take a week off, then come back, try again?

This is getting beyond the joke.


Well, minutes later, this

Young Labour fail

On November 20 we will be enjoying watching PM John Key at the G21

How can anyone trust Labour?  We’re running out of facepalms.


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  • Michael_l_c

    Doing a Mike Moore might help them. A change of leadership,cronies & hanger on idiots couldn’t make things worse for them.

    • Damien Cavendish

      Actually not a bad idea – Labour got 35% at THAT election (vis-à-vis 28% last time and 29% in 2014)

  • John Q Public

    Let’s hope THEY all turn out on Nov 20 instead.

    • Cadwallader

      All 200 of them?

  • Salacious T Crumb

    “On November 20 we will be enjoying watching PM John Key at the G21”

    I really, really hope you are right, Cam.

  • Adam Michaels

    Labour are just a pack of hopeless, self serving losers.

  • Damien Cavendish

    Perhaps they meant that 20th November will be the date of the New Lynn by-election?

    • Adam Michaels

      Nice one!

    • jonno1

      Unusual to hold it on a Thursday though.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Hahahaha oh wow.

    And these guys want to run our country? Just stop.

    • Nige.

      well they are just learning…..

  • Damien Cavendish

    I think this is their pre-programmed ‘excuse’ for losing the election – that the 1 million non-voters all got the day wrong, and if only they had turned out then, by golly, there would have been a change of government from the Tory capitalist exploiters to the Labour working man’s brotherhood party, and therefore – strictly speaking – Labour won the election because all their supporters thought it was September 21st! so there!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Double face-palm – repeated!

    Then repeat again!

    I’m now so confident in L&G’s exacting annual saving of between $220-330 p.a. in power prices …if only they can twiddle with the knobs of power…

    • Adam Michaels

      We know what half of them are really twiddling with!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Desperate & dateless… and always the bridesmaid…

    Wonder how long it will take for McCarten to wish he was back with Mana – to protect his own Mana and credibility?

  • Sally

    Good grief. Laurel and Hardy show!

  • DavidinDevo

    Couldn’t make this up…. Hilarious .,.. I hope JK makes a point of clarifying for them in the house

    • Dave

      Perhaps he should tell them they are best to stick to being fish mongers.

  • Dave

    Cam, perhaps to save the servers form crashing due to having to post every mistake, maybe just publish / post the things they get right, oh wait, that would mean they never ever get mentioned.

  • oldmanNZ

    i got 193, depend if you count today as another day or the actual Voting day another day as well.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Well unless they demand a recount we know who will be in government on election night, so it is 194 days

  • Dave

    Another way of looking at it: The mistake is Young Labour, perhaps they are all being trained in the Cunliffe Ways for labour. How to get press by constantly stuffing up.

  • Sally

    Shh….. Don’t tell them. It would be all over before they know it.

  • James M

    To add to that last image. The calendar shows the 20th as a Saturday. You can’t make out the days at the top, but two different coloured columns would suggest the dates to the right are the weekend…

    The 20th of November falls on a Thursday this year.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Great spotting!
      …and that’s probably where the students went wrong – too much spotting – with hot knives!

  • Phar Lap

    Seems they may have been reading some Bryce” Tricky” Edwards made up news and views.His fantasies on the political scene have become so ,much Cunliffe, they appear to be, he and Cunliffe are making up stories on the hoof.

  • caochladh

    The idiots who soak up their propaganda will never notice and that’s what they count on.

  • David

    You shouldn’t have told them they might not have noticed until their supporters turned up a day late to vote or 2 months for young Labour

  • ropteron

    IN 194 DAYS
    (Apologies to CS for all the caps, know how ya hate ’em).

  • Time For Accountability

    Are there spaces between To get her?

  • Rolla

    I guess technically they are right with the 195 day claim as the result is often declared around midnight on election day if it’s close. But even that’s really incorrect as it’s not official till the writ is returned to the governor general by the clerk of the house, after the electoral commission has declared the final result.

    But then again facts and how things work in the real world aren’t really a Labour strong point are they.

  • Time For Accountability

    South Auckland KFC are already employing staff for the occassion.

    The contracts are for one day only using the 90 day out provisions.

    • Time For Accountability

      Sorry folks – the unison wrote the contracts as part of a collective agreement and they have had to redate them from Sunday back to Saturday.

  • Time For Accountability

    They are correct.

    Count the last 10 days on your fingers.
    then count backwards on one hand and add 5 – Voila.

    194 193 192 191 190
    Plus 5 = 195

    • YouKNOWitmakesSense

      That’s a poor variation of the old “I have 11 fingers” trick. 10-9-8-7-6 and 5 are 11.

  • Time For Accountability

    I hope a don’t see the labour rossettes and blatant red ties on the polling staff that were present at knox church polling both in Dunedin North last election.

    I don’t care what anyones political persuasian is, that is their business, but they should not show it inside the booth.

    • Michael

      They will be scrutineers appointed by the Labour candidate. National does the same.

      • Time For Accountability

        I realise about the scrutineers.

        The person who found my name and ruled it out had a red lapel type rosette.

        The person next to him doing the same job had a labour red, red tie. No Labour markings.

        Both were blokes.

        The reason a remember is that i commented to my wife while in the queue and she hushed me up because she was embarassed i made the comment load enough to be overheard.

        I will take a camera this year.

  • Michael

    The phone is off the hook, Labour really need a game changer to be a serious contender. Shane Jones is a likely choice if the polls show zero chance of being elected.

  • ForThePhunOfIt

    20th Nov = Thursday. Young Labour = Young Morons…….nice to know the LP has a succession plan

  • Geoff Vader

    What the hell are you all talking about? It would be FANTASTIC for Labour supporters to turn up to vote on November 20th. Keep the real date quiet…

    Labour. Asleep at the wheel…

  • Nige.

    together? should it not have the labour party AND the greens on that poster?

  • Dick Brown

    Maybe they meant the day after the election when John Key unlocks the top floor of the beehive for another three years.

  • Lux

    Well . Labour have said they are already in campaign mode ..

    Ohh yes siree…….

  • YouKNOWitmakesSense

    Check the date of the Tweet – 8:09 pm on 9 March, which was 195 days before 20 September. There can be but one of these three reasons:
    – Labour are idiots that can’t count, but Twitter is set to US time.
    – Labour has a time machine, they can go back in time and post tweets predicting the future
    – Someone in National did a Clare Curran (or DC) and sent Labour the email with the date on it yesterday.

    I know which option is most likely.

  • Dick Brown

    “The Prime Minister’s announcement that this year’s election will take place on September 20 has been welcomed by Labour, which says it is already in campaign mode.”

    Pretty shitty campaign then HAHAHAHAHAHAHA




    Ol dicky boy still got the old magic…

  • metalnwood

    You forget one thing…. Labour like to rewrite history. They have a tardis. Tomorrow it could be 200 days if they want, all depends when they wrote it, in the tardis.

    • OT Richter


  • MyTake

    Labour have adopted the Greens attitude – if you get the math wrong you can always print more money to cover the mistake…. But seriously – someone in Labours info unit is deliberately making mistakes… When will D Cunliffe raise his Toga over his head and accept the inevitable knifing that is on its way??

    • An orderly queue might need to be formed.

    • Adam Michaels

      I have had a chat with a couple of left leaners whom I know and they suspect sabotage.

  • Bryan

    well don’t tell young labour and let them continue to think its november

  • Adam Michaels

    Now that it is just over 6 months to the election, the very fact that we can have this conversation about the Labour leadership, the failings of the party H.Q and the idiotic public blunders is bloody staggering!
    It tells us that Labour is in a very sorry state and highly unlikely to do very well.

    • jude

      You should have just let them think it was in November!

      • Adam Michaels

        True, but I don’t think I could have kept a straight face that long!

    • mommadog

      Agree about the sorry state of Labour and hope youre right that they are unlikely to do well. However, I always find it scary how many voters will not read blogs such as this to get information, will not see through the propaganda, will not know or care about all of the blunders and lies from DC, will believe the biased general news media and will vote for the few extra dollars they will be promised between now and the election. I agree with the previous post above (commonsense404) that well all need to get out and vote on the day regardless. Take nothing for granted.

      • Adam Michaels

        Absolutely. Everyone has got to get out there and vote.

  • Pete

    Regardless of the days, they have gone from “Will” change the govt, to “Can” change the govt.
    Maybe you can, but you wont.

  • MyTake

    6 months is a long time to spread muck and hope something sprouts… the election will only end in a Nats lead government if they stay focused, on message, stay unified and give the swing vote enough to hold their votes… its going to be tight

    • Adam Michaels

      I don’t know if it will be that tight, but I agree, National must not assume a walkover.

    • CommonSense404

      Very solid comment MyTake. We can have some fun on the sidelines but you are absolutely right – they need to stay focused and on message, no stuff ups and take every opportunity the other side give them. And then we all need to get out and vote – rain. hail or shine. Do not wake up on 21 Sept and regret thinking it was supposed to be a walkover and wondering why we failed by a few thousand votes.

    • ratchette

      100% correct. This an election National can sleep walk to defeat. Seems like John Key has some poor advice. Hope Michelle Boag is not involved … kiss of death.

  • ratchette

    Just heard ………… Bad decision.
    I thought a better strategy would be to delay the announcement until July. Perhaps Cunillife & Labour would implode in the ensuing time. If that occurred, call a snap election while Labour were in disarray. Otherwise wait until July to announce the date. The only good part is the date at the spring equinox when the weather can be foul.
    The Labour ‘machine’ is very good with campaigning for elections. It will be close. It will be dirty.
    I just hope John Key knows what he is doing.

  • ratchette

    Re previous post ….. I have an unfortunate habit of calling things like this correctly. If there are long odds on a labour run govt from end September – at the betting shop, put a few dollars on and at least you will have a windfall to spend before labour/greens steal it.

  • steve and monique

    Well if Young Labour is anything to go by, I think there isn’t much hope for them in the future! Must have gone to school to eat their lunch or protest about the common room!

  • kamatua

    Goes to show, IF this country ever votes in Labia … imagine what our economy will be like? Completely STUFF UP. They cannot even count the days properly , how on earth are they ever going to get our economy right?????