More on Labour’s power lies

Yesterday we blogged about how out of whack David Cunliffe’s power graph was. We presented a nother view from the same data.

Another reader has emailed with his thoughts.


Haven’t really followed the arguments around?power?prices. But what really grinds my gears is bad data analysis. I have done quite a bit of normalizing of data in my time and although it is a powerful tool, it has to be used with caution because it can really skew the data. As soon as I saw Labours press release I was suspicious about why they chose to normalize to the date they did.

Thanks to previous correspondent who made the raw data easily available, I normalized the data to 1990, as this was the closest data point to the reforms that people complain about. Also have blocked out via color who was in?power. Because of the data, I have “logged” the y-axis, so the changes are non-linear wrt this axis.

NZ is in black / bold. Shows that the price rise was not due to the early 90’s reforms. As there was almost no price increase from 1990 to year 2000. Furthermore the price was increasing before the reforms, then had reduced increases post reforms. So it is impossible to blame the reforms for the price increases.?

There was is massive increase occurring under the Labour government. Since they have been out of?power?the price change has been less (however data only goes to ?2011)

Also we are not the worst with five (six?) other countries have worse price rises.

So clearly the normalization done by Labour was to prove a political point, not present good data.

What gets me worked up is that it would be very cost effective and efficient to build a couple of new coal powered stations that would be low emissions and provide cash into places like Huntly. Supply and demand being what it is, the price would drop. But the same people who kick up a fuss about burning coal are the same people who complain about poor people freezing in winter. Yet because they don’t allow coal to be burnt, they keep the poor people, who they say they are concerned about, cold and sick. The hypocrisy is disturbing and like sand in the eye.