“Why are Maori so…” a month later

You may recall Whaleoil running this article on Waitangi Day


Here is how people take other people’s work and “build on it”

Steve Deane reports

The global internet search giant is looking into disabling the feature after a call from the?Herald?when Auckland University of Technology PhD scholar Steven Elers found derogatory terms associated with Maori.

Wow. ?The Herald and Auckland University no less. ?

He was using Google to research the portrayal of Maori in advertising when the suggestions provided by the website’s AutoComplete system popped up.

He typed in “Maori are” followed by a space. Google suggested: Maori are stupid; Maori are lazy; Maori are scum; and Maori are violent.

Mr Elers called on Google to disable the feature immediately.

Last night, a spokesman said the company was looking into the matter and would make a decision soon on whether to stop results appearing.

“We have a small set of removal policies for things like pornography, violence, and hate speech,” he said.

Let’s think about this for a minute.

If Google turns this off, it is essentially saying that people’s?genuine questions about Maoridom need to be suppressed and classified in the same category as “pornography, violence, and hate speech”.

So instead of acknowledging the problem, we’ll pretend it doesn’t exist?

Even though people will continue to search the same phrases, anyway.

The system is powered by a PageRank algorithm that factors in what people enter in Google searches and related content on the web.

Maori are not the only racial group to receive unflattering suggestions. A search for “Tongans are” comes up with “black, ugly, lazy and huge”. Americans get off relatively lightly with “rude” and “not dumb”.

Mr Elers said that given the results for Maori were based largely on what New Zealanders put in Google searches, it raised the issue of how Kiwis viewed Maori.

Deal with it Mr Elers.

That’s reality.

Solve the problem. ?Don’t try to do your perverted and misguided version of an electronic Book Burning.