How much of Labour’s ICT policy did Dotcom write?

Yesterday Labour’s ICT policy got leaked, with all its naf names for things.

Clare Curran got blamed but good sources tell me it came from David Cunliffe’s office, in any case he is the spokesperson responsible for ICT.

It doesn’t really matter though, Curran was thrown under the bus. Isaac Davidson from the Herald reports:

Labour has revealed that it embarrassingly sent internal policy documents and speech notes for leader David Cunliffe to a National Party Cabinet Minister.

ICT spokeswoman Clare Curran’s staff accidentally emailed the documents to Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams.

One of the documents outlined Labour’s potential strategy in the ICT sector.

It included proposals such as a fixed monthly allocation of broadband for every citizen, a Digital Bill of Rights, and a levy on telecommunications companies or internet service providers to fund New Zealand digital content.

Ms Adams said it was not the first time she had been accidentally emailed confidential Labour documents.

“Strangely enough, it’s the second time they’ve included me on their internal communications.

So maybe they like me, who knows?   

“They invited me to a strategy session just after Mr Cunliffe became leader so I’m starting to get a complex.”

The minister said she only had a brief look at the documents but it appeared that Labour’s main idea was to start all their policies with the word Kiwi.

Ms Curran’s document outlined plans for policies called KiwiMap, KiwiCode, KiwiCall, KiwiCap, KiwiCloud and Kiwis Come Home.

I received many communications about this last night.

My sources inside the grounds of the Dotcom Mansion tell me that these proposals were the exact ones discussed with Dotcom, indeed promoted by him and that extensive meetings were held after Curran’s two visits to the mansion to discuss them and flesh them out. Make no mistake this policy is Dotcom’s policy…the source are adamant that this is what has been planned all along.

With all the secret meetings, and now secret donation trusts one has to wonder just who are the anonymous other parties who donated, and given the leak of a policy document that bears an uncanny resemblance to policy discussions held at the mansion questions might be validly raised.


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  • sheppy


  • johnbronkhorst

    “So maybe they like me, who knows? ”
    Just for that statement….I like you!

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    This is precisely why Curran was at the mansion. Someone should check who authored the documents in the ‘properties’ tab, that sometimes gives away great insights…

    • So far she has only given hard copies to the media OBB, and even then, she gave them a different version to the one sent to Amy Adams.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        There is a thot in the process of plickening…

  • Boom; the smoking gun.

  • greg

    Corin Dann on breakfast this morning tried in vain to put a spin on info leaked saying they were innovative and out there, I wonder which Labour seat he’ll be standing for?

    • Francis Heke

      According to this morning’s ‘Stuff’ Labour can’t find anyone willing to stand in Rangitata!

      • sheppy

        As they’ve put it nowhere near the front page, here’s a link – poll is on the right hand side

        • Sally

          Feel like voting Good. It’s good for a National supporters.

      • peterwn

        Yes interesting! Even more interesting was David Cunliffe’s statement last December that he considered Labour could win Rangitata. Why does not Roger Payne have a go if he is so desperate to get into Parliament? Greens say they are not standing in Rangitata but will campaign for the party vote there. Surely the best way to campaign for the party vote is to put up as candidate someone who is prepared to spearhead that campaigning, arrange hoardings, etc. It only costs $200 with the reasonable chance of a refund.
        AFAIK I am not allowed to link to the Stuff articles – try searching ‘Rangitata’.

      • Blueballs

        I could’nt find it on there, is it under national news or entertainment?.

        • Francis Heke

          Scroll down to ‘Politics’ and click on the title ‘Cunliffe’s Worst Day’.
          The poll is towards the bottom of the page on the right. Currently 74.2% say he’s doing a crap job.
          Not to worry! The voters are going to forgive these temporary lapses and applaud him for offering free tablet or laptop computers to low decile schools….or has he forgotten to consider Mr & Mrs Poverty when they have to fork out for the kid’s data when he/she takes the bloody thing home. Oh, but of course they’re going to get that free too!

          • Blueballs

            Thanks Francis but that comment was made firmly tongue in cheek.

          • Whanga_Cynic

            Seems a bit odd that 3 hours after your post, it is still at 74.2%

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      The left hate right wing Corin Dann, so I think he’s doing just fine.

      • sheppy

        Right of who – Stalin?

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          I suppose there is no such thing as far enough left for a lot of lefties.

          • sheppy

            The problem with a lot of them is each one is convinced only they have the right ideas and everyone else is biased. It must be very tiring being that negative all the time

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            Absolutely; we should bear in mind that we are all biased, one way or another, and for the frontline reporters to be equitable is a pretty hard task. When they get pilloried from both sides, they’re on to it.

          • sheppy

            That’s a very good point – the extremists are always those that shout the loudest, and unfortunately get heard much more than the majority that are just getting on with their life and leaving the elected politicians to do their job.

      • FFS! What!!!!!

    • john Doe

      You will find him seated two standard diviations to the left of the Gweens in Commie corner.

    • He looked like he was chewing a dead rat on TV news last night.
      You gotta love the way the ‘Cluster Of Cunliffes” is playing out.

    • YouKNOWitmakesSense

      His performance on One News last night was pathetic – after being forced to swallow a dead rat and admit that Cunliffe’s performance so far this year was somewhere on the sliding scale between omnishambles and clusterfuck, he then tried to deflect attention away by revealing the earth-shattering news that…… Judith Collins visited a New Zealand company whilst on an overseas trip! He would have been more successful had he pointed off camera and shouted “Look! A puppy!”

  • James

    Just because you stick “Kiwi” in front of it this doesn’t mean that the State can magically get around many decades of evidence shows that market based competition is better at delivering commercial services than State monopolies.

    Perhaps the Labour party need to rebrand as KiwiCommies.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Or Goodnight Kiwi….

  • MyTake

    “It included proposals such as a fixed monthly allocation of broadband for every citizen, a Digital Bill of Rights, and a levy on telecommunications companies or internet service providers to fund New Zealand digital content.”
    So another Marxist trampling on the property rights of the shareholders in the various Telco companies out there…. Labour and the Greens – over my dead body. If you want your supporters to have everything get them to bloody work for it…

    • CheesyEarWax

      Whats the term again? Oh yes, daylight robbery.

    • Reid

      Given the proliferation of NZ content already, it’d be good to know why they think they need to fund it to get even more of it?

      • MyTake

        Agreed Reid – content generation is happening all over the place by people who don’t need a hand out. Also the whole ITC space in NZ is competitive and the split of Telecom and Chorus has set a framework for aggressive competition in the provision of broadband services. On top of that internet access at public libraries is either free or pretty cheap, so access is not a huge issue if your prepared to get off your butt and go to the local library ….

  • LesleyNZ

    So Labour is in thick with Dotcon. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Sally

    Now who can they blame for sending the email to the wrong person. . Key, GCSB, FBI, Cam…………………

  • Rockape

    Its the old rule ;if you screw up fess up: in this case he may not be able to if he agreed to confidentiality. However, it means most people will think the worst so he is going to take another heavy hit to his already dodgey credibility rating and thats not good 7 months out from an election.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      7 month’s – I heard it will be more like 2.5 – 3 month’s…

      Nah – just kidding. Just giving the Labour Party readers who visit here, hoping to get some fresh ideas, just giving them a mini-heart attack at such a thought.

    • Agent BallSack

      This just in from the Mansion. Krim has released Cunliffe from his confidentiality agreement. (Not true but sounds familiar)

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Murkier and murkier…

    No wonder CunningCV wants to keep his secret dealings secret.

    Now there’s a very real perception of attempts at electoral fraud or “legislation for sale” if you donate to CunningCV.

    About time some official over-sight and sunlight was brought in to help with full transparency in this election year. It’s only fair for CunningCV and Labour they have some credible authority assisting with full transparency – because after all, perceptions really do matter.

    And of course, if CunningCV really does have nothing to hide and everything really is above reproach – he’ll be screaming for the AG to report on his secret funding – because perceptions matter and never more so in an election year.

    The innocent would beg for the AG to look into it – the guilty would probably try to distract, obfuscate and deflect attention elsewhere… yet the stench still lingers.

    The AG sunlight will help you sort it all out Mr. Prime Minister in waiting… that is if you really do have nothing to hide or shelter?

    • Time For Accountability

      My bet is Unite Union and Matt’s appointment was the reward.
      Although that is speculation only.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        Yes, they’ve moved in the same circle of vacuum for decades hating each other with a passion – and *suddenly* they’re best of buddies.

        Smells like an arranged marriage to me… and not an overly friendly, happy one. Desperation forcing Pragmatism… but there’s no love lost between them.

        But the CunningCV/Tax defrauder marriage consummation will also be the divorce signal too – as it will be very public and will only end up with lots of political blood and guts strewn all over Labour HQ.

        • Time For Accountability

          Funny you should say “and *suddenly* they’re best of buddies.”

          Labours new deputy experienced the same sudden friendship from silent when he said he would not stand as leader.

          Friends of the deputy from Strictly speaking (left wing lawyer coffee shop in Dunedin) are saying – you would have to be worried about that.

  • Drhill

    If Clare Curran cannot handle e-mail what hope has she got as Minister of I.T.?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Supposedly it came from CunningCV’s office himself.

      It just gets worse for Labour…

      But how many other cats have been let out of the grab bag of Labour policies?

      Rations of internet anyone?

      • richard.b

        Just like carless days.
        Internet free days, thats great for business.

  • steve and monique

    David who is the other secret donation from, seeing as Kim Dotcom must be one of them.

    • Designerdrummer

      Got to be PDB

      • sheppy

        Maybe that’s why he could only contribute a small percentage towards his whitewash report

      • steve and monique

        The only donation that wanker would make would be at the sperm bank.

        • Mr Sackunkrak

          I see what you did there. :)

      • Sally

        Yep. One trust account to another.

      • kayaker

        Excuse my ignorance, but who’s PDB? I just know the answer is going to be obvious, but…

        • ropteron

          ‘Pants Down Brown’

        • rangitoto

          Pants Down …….

  • Wine Man

    Fixed allocation? so I have three kids in my house and my wife and I, so does my 18mth old get allocated some too? and what if he decides to stay up all night downloading movies from Mega? does that usage go against my allocation? or does the Liebor Party arrange a special deal with Mega that there is no data charged when using that website?

    Perhaps KiwiCloud will be a renaming of Mega, in which case this is nothing but a legalized theft of intellectual property.

    KiwiCall may be the take over of Orcon by the government which makes sense as Orcon are already in bed with the Criminal KDC.

    These guys are just showing how amateur they are.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Lefties just love allocating things. I can’t wait to get my ration stamps for the interweb, ’cause it’s in short supply and all.

      • Agent BallSack

        We’re starving in NZ haven’t you seen the ads? Below the broadband poverty line.

    • 4077th

      I think you are closer to the truth than you know Wine Man.

  • Sally

    Think Matt better activate DC’s memo immediately before anymore mistakes.

    Just leaked from DC’s office

    Memo to my best ever COS.
    Can you please advice my mates that they can no longer debate with those rich pricks on the other side the following.

    1. Rich pricks living in expensive neighbourhoods.
    2. Tax dodgers
    3. Politician trust accounts
    4. Big American businessmen
    Avoid fat German visiting NZ and soon to visit US
    No-more emails are to be sent to anyone. Maybe that should also include tweets, fb,
    phone calls, etc………

    Matt will see you at 10am in lunchroom for milk and cookies to discuss any further developments on the Whale

    • Albert Lane

      Very good. You’ve missed your calling in life.

  • Time For Accountability

    All we need is a murder and some nooky and we would have a pulitzer prize novel.

    That Curran’s not in control of secrets does not surprise me.

    During a pre-trial process she penned a staff newsletter to the ODHB about an employee fraud on behalf of board and CEO.

    That was an attempt to pursuade opinion before the trial and was probaly an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    She was no doubt chosen because of her closs links to Hodgeson who was the Minister of Health at the time and his appointment of his friend to chairman of the board.

    Ethics and Clare do not go in the same sentence.

  • AnonWgtn

    Can’t see she (DotCrim) included KiwiCrap in her definitions

  • Blueballs

    Brriiingggg Brriiingggg……Brriiingggg Brriiingggg

    “Scheissen…I almost had passed zhat level….hello”

    ” Hello, K’s your old friend Cunny here, i need another favour”

    ” Cunny no, i tell you zee last time zees assholes have me on only 5 dousand a month, i cant’ even afford another wideo game”

    ” K dog it’s cool, i’ve done the sums, all i need is a bout 20 k for the Labours got talent gig, we have to keep these union pricks in sausage rolls or they get jumpy at the meetings, i won’t ask for anything else till the election kicks off, i promise.”

    ” Okay , okay, yah, but all i can give is two payments of 4 dousand tree hoondret, it’s tighter than a daschunds sphincter for me at ze moment, and it has to be on the down low or ve’ll blow all ve hev vorked for yah, and in return i vant all ze policy decisions on ict to come through me, okay”

    ” Okay deal KC, i won’t forget this thanks, bye”


    ” I really don’t trust zis guy, he’s slipperier zan a butchers koozer”

    • Albert Lane

      Brilliant !!

  • thor42

    Isn’t KdC a convicted crim?
    If so, why is Labour getting their IT policy from a convicted crim?

    • John

      Shonky even

    • rrroberto

      Perfectly logical place to get dodgy policy from.
      Where do they get their other dodgy policies from?

  • Lux

    This is insane.

  • 4077th

    I mentioned this last night in the backchat post. Labia don’t have a single tech savvy member so it’s obvious where these ideas came from and the giant German’s vested interests in them.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      As evidenced by Clare Curran’s clandestine visits to the Fat German’s lair.

      • 4077th

        Precisely Sack.

  • Agent BallSack

    Some wag needs to get on twitter and ask Krim when he is going to release David from his confidentiality agreement.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bros – Matt Vomit is now bought a computer and he is learning to use emails. So he will be writing our ICT policy soon. Curran’s is just a diversion. Matt is thinking that each email should be taxed 1 cent by the ISP for funding Pacifika TV…….

  • Jas

    The content levy will be to appease all those left wing liberals who want a TVNZ7 type service but don’t like the idea of contributing anything towards it.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    What really concerns me here (apart from the abject incompetence) is how much control they want. It’s absolutely typical of socialist/communist regimes. An equal share of broadband for everyone?? Taxing ISPs (and therefore us) to fund (read set up new bureaucracies) to push content nobody wants???

    What’s going on in the head of these guys?