Simon Collins Pimps More Special Interests

Simon Collins has been the subject of prior examination by this blog in his pimping stories of the poor. ?Those framed as victims in these stories are actually investigated with a simple google search by Whaleoil and never seem to stack up. ?The WOBH blog will always call him on this until he gets his facts right and behaves as a journalist trained and skilled should.

In today’s expose a?group of Maori wish to set up a Maori Innovation Fund. ?Good on them if they fund it with Treaty settlements and risk their own cash for Maori to succeed.

Collins though gets right into his own political agenda

Eight Maori tribes have come together to set up a venture capital fund of $50 million to $70 million aimed at lifting Maori out of their long post-colonial status as the nation’s labourers.

Say what?

According to the article “$26 billion of wealth is owned by individual Maori employers and self-employed people”. ?Immigrants, Asian and Pacific Islanders have long taken over as New Zealand’s labourers.

Maori are not as pathetic as Collins has framed them to be. ?Indeed middle class Maori (MCM’s) now even join the National Party and stand as candidates in safe general seats. ?

Maori have expected commercial ?banks to come in and loan them money when the practicalities of how Maori own land means there is little chance or major difficulties of enforcing if the loan defaults. ?We know what happens when greasy men in suits come and try to get on Maori land.

But Te Rarawa leader Haami Piripi, another backer of the new fund, said development had been held back because mainstream banks have been reluctant to accept collectively-owned land as security for loans.

“Banks are refusing to lend on Maori land. There is no practical reason for it, they just don’t want to do it,” he said.

That’s right they do not want to do it, so do it yourselves. ?Good luck. I hope the fund raising is more successful than Lance Wigg’s gallant attempt at raising $5 million from his initial target of $20 million for “high-growth” businesses.

In the meantime Maori suffer from patronising garbage via Collins’ pimping of their victim status. ?$26 billion of wealth in Maori individuals hands says they are doing very well thank you very much.