Charles Krauthammer on the the totalitarian instincts of the Left

Charles Krauthammer comments on the Mozilla case where they sacked their chief executive for having donated $1000 to a lobby group against same-sex marriage more than six years ago:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: One of the sound bites you had earlier, someone saying this is a kind of intolerance entering into the culture. I think it’s narrower than that. This is the culture of the left not being satisfied with making an argument or even prevailing in an argument, but in destroying personally and marginalizing people who oppose it, in the same way that proponents of climate change declare the issue closed. It’s over. There’s no debate. It is settled science. 

Therefore, anybody who is skeptical of that is considered anti-science and is called a denier, a conscious way to echo that there’s some kind of moral or intellectual equivalent of a denier of the Holocaust. In the same way, people are now declaring the national debate we have had for a decade or two on gay marriage is closed, and anybody who opposes gay marriage is a bigot and should be written out of polite society, ostracized and lose their jobs.

And I think Andrew Sullivan, who not only is a gay activist but is the intellectual father of gay marriage, he wrote a book proposing it 15 years ago or so when it was considered weird, and he’s argued for the normalization of gay life. That’s been his cause. He calls it disgusting. He’s absolutely right. This is totalitarian discourse, and it shows a level of intolerance, it should be unacceptable, and people ought to be — ought to get what they’re giving out and feel a counter boycott.


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  • ozbob68

    Interesting philosophical point, when does acceptable disagreement become unacceptable discrimination? The UK talked about this when it passed hate speech laws a few years ago that could have seen comedians prosecuted for saying something potentially negative about a group of people.

    • phronesis

      When you try and force others to agree with you and discriminate against them if they won’t.

      • YouKNOWitmakesSense

        Good analysis; I think it’s even more than that though. People aren’t only being discriminated against – they’re having their careers and public life destroyed. They’re being portrayed as intolerant bigots, ironically by people whose actions prove that they in fact are the intolerant bigots.

  • POY

    The Mozilla thing is disgusting, the guy got vilified. He might be wrong but whatever happened to laughing at him and moving on?

    • phronesis

      So are you laughing at the comment from Macca above? Part of the problem here is a lack of respect for others viewpoints. Pretending that a position that you disagree with is the equivalent of claiming that the moon is made of cheese simply because you are convinced that you are right.

      • Michael Forde

        Both Libertarians and Liberals encourage Vice in the Working Youth of today. Both seek unfettered freedom to do whatever they want, caring nothing for the struggle of the Working Class.

        New Zealand’s Youth are not fooled by either of them, not fooled one bit.

        Our Revolutionary Vanguard bide their time, and when the time is right, they will happily send those that have sabotaged their happiness to the People’s Gulags. There, through back-breaking labour, the Libertarians will learn that Rules and Order are essential in any Sustainable Ecology, and Liberals will learn that the Working Class are only enslaved by Perversion Promotion, not liberated by it.

        15 Years of Re-education is the traditional term, comrades.

  • Macca

    My dear old Mum used to say that the introduction of the pill signified the start of the breakdown of morality in society. At the time, childbirth out of wedlock was a shameful experience wher families would move towns – now its accepted as normal and in many cases a lifestyle choice!
    I believe what little morality is left in society will now go the same way with the legalisation of gay marriage.
    For any of you wanting to try and persuade me otherwise – don’t waste your time – my stance will never change!

    • Positan

      I’d never try to persuade you otherwise – your view is absolutely right.

    • Jas

      And here was me thinking the introduction of the pill was the first step in stopping the indoctrination of the masses by the church

    • Ramsey

      well, look at muslim countries where there is no tolerance for gays or out-of-wedlock children… how’s that working out for them? Happy communities? Smily-happy people?
      I’d rather we have a little “breakdown of morality” as you put it but freedom to choose how to live, lest we end up with brutally intolerant and closed societies such as those you find in the middle east or africa.

    • Michael Forde

      Unfortunately for Christians, their Marriage with Libertarians is not going to work out. Libertarians are in fact their enemies in disguise.

      All Commited Christians and Conservatives are Communists. Libertarians devolve into Liberals, whose idea of Governance is one where Vice is Legislated, and Decadence is Compulsory.

      Once the conversion to Socialism is complete, revolting same sex palaver will be met with lengthy stay in a Mental Hospital or a Gulag, for what is obviously a Mental Illness – aka Capitalist Decadence.

      Onwards the International!

      • Michael

        “All Commited Christians and Conservatives are Communists.”

        Got any evidence to back up that assertion? Given that the definition of conservative usually includes advocating for less government and more freedom, you appear to be quite confused.

        • Michael Forde

          There is nothing morally conservative about less government and more freedom. The youth of today are being offered easily accessible drugs that cause psychosis, and are encouraged by the media to indulge in decadent sexual relations, while supposed “Conservatives” shrug their shoulders and say “Not my problem”. It appears it is you who is quite confused on your definitions.

          .It is clear to all Future Working Class New Zealand Youth that only a stronger government is able to return us to a healthier way of life.

          The Christian Prophet was an avowed Communist.

          For he came not to bring peace, but the sword, to set Revolutionary Son against Imperialist Father, and Working Daughter against Petite Bourgeois Mother.

          His Admonition:

          “Then said he unto them, But now, he that has a purse, let him take it, and likewise his bag: and he that has no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

          has called and continues to call to the Revolutionary Vanguard throughout the Ages, to eschew capital and join the struggle for the emancipation of their Brothers and Sisters.

          His Opinion on Capitalist Running Dogs is quite clear to any who have read the Bible.

          For it is easier for a rich man to fit through the Eye of a Needle than enter the kingdom of Heaven.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    I definitely agree with the above, but this is the ‘normalisation’ process – that by which a communities values change. The American Civil war was fought over much the same thing – the intolerance of another point of view. Only in hindsight can a community decide whether the process of change was ‘good’. I expect that there will always be accusations of intolerance.

    • mike

      The American Civil War wasn’t started to end slavery, it was fought because the South produced more cotton for less (due to them using slave labour) and was making more money than the North. It was also fought because of changes to the Constitution taking powers from the States and giving them to the Federal Government which the South resented as they claimed it was against the Constitution. Slavery was used as the cassius bellus for the war, much the same way that WMD’s were used in Iraq… it pays to remember that the Federal Government didn’t really take any action to enforce the 13th Amendment until 1941, 5 days after Pearl Harbour and almost 100 years after the ACW had ended and the amendment ratified.

  • Bart67

    I have been saying this for years, to anyone who will listen. The most destructive force on the planet is intolerance. At the heart of every major conflict in the world, the central theme has been one of intolerance. Be it religious, economic, whatever, the basic cause of all the human misery in the world is one group of people watching another group, and deciding not to tolerate it.

    • phronesis

      Intolerance is the basis of civilisation. Society works because we don’t tolerate antisocial behaviour that has short term gains for the individual but destroys the long term benefits of stable society for everyone. Discrimination, being able to tell right from wrong, is also unfashionable these days.

      • Michael Forde

        Yes, only Socialists are able to cut through the sickening fog of Politically Correct rubbish that strangles the Decadent Western World. Political Correctness is merely another form of Libertarianism, taken to its logical extreme – Nothing may be prevented, except prevention itself.

        The decadent west becomes increasingly ripe for Revolution as the youth are shocked by the Torpor and Ennui of the Aged. “Why won’t they stand up and stop this filth? Why wont they defend us?” wonder our Kiwi Youth.

        Not to fear, the Socialist Dictatorship will purge the land of all transgressors!

        • Kopua Cowboy

          Is “banksters” even a word?

          • Michael Forde

            Anything is a word once Capitalised, Comrade.

    • Balanced View

      So you tell anyone that will listen that intolerance is destructive? Does this make you a hypocrite?
      “From my brothers expereince in retail, when you are dealing with Indians, get EVERYTHING in writing, and keep copies. As for Indian used Car Salesmen, don’t get me started!”

    • Michael

      I have to disagree with you there Bart. I think that the most destructive force is selfishness, whether it is personal or national. “You’ve got what I want and I’m gonna take it from you” is really at the heart of every major conflict in the world.

      Plus, there are some things that should not be tolerated, hence why we have laws. However, the modern definition of intolerance is far removed from the proper definition. The modern definition has been reduced to “you disagree with me, therefore you hate me and are intolerant.”

  • Night Stick

    There will come a time when DVD sets such as ‘The Two Ronnies’ will be withdrawn from sale because of their ‘racist’ language, and ‘Benny Hill’ because of his ‘sexist’ treatment of women. Muslims will demand their host countries bury all Christian references, so as not to ‘offend’ the religion of peace. Freedom loving people will have a hard road ahead because their very way of living, their jobs and their permission to speak out will be severely threatened. The internet is the area that the controllers fear the most, as it would have in Stalin’s or Hitler’s time had it existed. We, the citizens, have no other outlet than the net to express our honest views; don’t allow this last freedom be taken from us.

    • TayheiNotts

      Your last two sentences are chilling in that they are so important.
      Do not allow this last freedom to be taken from us!!!

      • Michael Forde

        A freedom abused is a freedom revoked. The internet is a vile lair of pedophilia, pornography and decadence. Allowing unrestricted access to the Children of the Future is the worst possible thing any sensible Country can do.

        Thankfully our Glorious Leader is forging Unbreakable Ties with Big Brother China. From this Prosperous and Ancient Civilisation, we will be taught the art of Protecting our Youth from Corruption.

        Long live Hua Wei!

        Long live the International!

  • johnbronkhorst

    Do they make movies where people smoke?
    Even period pieces about the 50’s.

    • Night Stick

      ‘Mad Men’, but they had to smoke herbal cigs. If ordinary cigs are smoked on the set it can only be for outdoor scenes.

  • mark.s

    70% of black voters were for the ban of same sex marriage (Proposition 8 which this whole thing was over). I assume the group will now track down some high profile black advocates of this law and boycott them also.

  • Jman

    Back when the Mozilla CEO made his donation 6 years ago both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s publicly expressed view on gay marriage was the same. “marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.” – Barack Obama, 2004

    But now it’s so beyond the pale to express such a view that anyone who does must be ostracised, lose their jobs and be branded a bigot apparently. Krauthammer is right on the money.

    • Michael

      The gay lobby have successfully convinced the majority that supporting the traditional definition of marriage means that you hate gays (and are scared of them??) and are therefore an intolerant bigot.

      Ohh, the irony of the modern “tolerance”

      • Kimbo

        Is that sort of like anyone who criticises any of the policies and actions of the state of Israel is labelled an anti-Semite?

  • JC

    It turns out that one of the founders of OK Cupid, the people who had most to do with getting the Mozilla CEO sacked likewise donated to an anti gay politician.


  • Michael Forde

    In the Decadent West, the Libertarians busily go around destroying all restrictions on behavior. The head of Mozilla was yet another victim of the Libertarians, who seek to destroy any restrictions to human activity in their mad assault upon both lawful government and human decency.

    Not to fear Comrades, our fearless leader is rapidly strengthening our ties with Big Brother China. In that Industrious nation, with its Ancient Wisdom Traditions, the productive government has no time for western decadence and moral decay.

    Once we have adapted to our Socialist Dictatorship, “same sex marriage” advocates and other perverts will take their rightful places in the Gulags.

  • Niff

    Somebody once said, a bigot is someone who steadfastly holds to an idea I cannot accept.

    But joking aside, the insidious intolerance that Krauthammer talks about needs to be recognised and challenged every time the tactic is used. It doesn’t matter what the subject is religion, gay marriage, climate change. We should have respect for the other side holding their opinion even while we try to persuade them of ours. We should decry anyone who denigrates the person for holding an opinion. Unfortunately, it seems the end justifies the means these days and ad hominum now runs to character assassination, libel, whatever, to decimate your enemy.

    Krauthammer is someone to be listened to and thank you Cam for publishing it.