Chickens coming home to roost for Kim Dotcom, MPAA and former staff suing

Last night Kim Dotcom tweeted about his former employee suing him for unpaid wages.

What Kim Dotcom doesn’t state is that he worked that staff member 90 hours per week at below the minimum wage. If he had paid his staff at or above the minimum wage while he continued to live a life of opulence then the staff member might have been able to save for himself rather than going cap in hand to Dotcom.

This is how Dotcom operates, he makes people dependent upon him, then hands out “gifts” instead of paying outstanding wages, and then when the staff decided to pursue him for the wages he slams them in public on twitter when there is a court process underway. The true mark of a sociopath treating people as play things, manipulating them emotionally and financially to keep them under control.

Then to heap misery on top of that lawsuit the MPAA has filed a massive lawsuit against him as well.?

The Motion Picture Association of America has announced that it has filed a massive copyright infringement lawsuit against Megaupload.

As Megaupload founder?Kim Dotcom?awaits word on whether he will be extradited to the United States to face criminal prosecution for copyright and racketeering, the big studios aren’t waiting any longer. With the statute of limitations running out, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. have filed claims in a Virginia federal court.

Kim Dotcom is personally named as a defendant along with others who ran Megaupload.

?When was shut down in 2012 by U.S. law enforcement, it was by all estimates the largest and most active infringing website targeting creative content in the world,? said MPAA global general counsel?Steven Fabrizio. ?Infringing content on and its affiliates was available in at least 20 languages, targeting a broad global audience. According to the government?s indictment, the site reported more than $175 million in criminal proceeds and cost U.S. copyright owners more than half a billion dollars.?

The plaintiffs, represented by attorneys at Jenner & Block, seek profits and maximum statutory damages.

The legal documents have been posted online at the MPAA website.

Kim Dotcom’s problems just got a whole lot worse. He will have to travel to the US for this case and won’t be able to avoid doing so, falling into the clutches of the FBI as a result.

The guys I feel sorry for are Bran van der Kolk and Mathias Ortmann, who once again, because of being associated with the cartoonish villain that is Kim Dotcom find themselves under the hammer again.

The chickens are coming home to roost and no fake political party is going to stop any of this. Time’s up for Kim Dotcom.