David Parker announces that Labour doesn’t want Auckland homeowner’s votes

David Parker has told us via his appearance on The Nation and as reported by NBR that Labour isn’t interested in Auckland homeowners votes.

In fact he has told us that Labour actually hates those voters and will punish them with more draconian lending criteria than the rest of the country.

Loan-to-value (LVR) loan limits aren’t working and Labour would rather limit them to just Auckland, Mr Parker said.

LVRs “certainly not necessary” in Dunedin, for example, the Labour deputy leader said: “Why should our economy be hobbled? Why should our young people be prevented from buying houses” because of Auckland house prices.”

Let’s see how that will work. ?

Well it will dramatically distort the market. Loans for property will be easier to get outside of Auckland and that will include the new city being built at Pokeno. Property speculators will heed the signal from government that their money isn;t wanted in Auckland anymore and will start buying up in growth centres that are undervalued, like Tauranga, Hamilton and Rotorua.

House prices will soar in those areas. Meanwhile the rules will have little to no effect on people actually wanting to buy and live in houses in Auckland…other than make it harder for them than int he rest of the country.

About the only positive from such inane thinking is that National will hoover up even more centre votes as the voters work out that Labour actually doesn’t care about them. It cares more about the indigent, the criminal classes and ne’erdowells of society…bludgers, ratbags and criminals.