Some good advice for Labour, pity they aren’t listening

John Armstrong offers up some good advice for LAbour as they continue to pursue Judith Collins. Little do Labour know they are being set up, if only they would do a little bit of research would they realise how far down the set up track they have propelled themselves in chasing false leads, rumour and innuendo.

The only funny part about it all is that Winston Peters is the one who set them up and Labour are the ones suffering at the hands of voters as a result.

The Prime Minister took the rather unusual step of offering free advice to Labour yesterday. It was advice Labour would do well to heed. But it is unlikely to do so. At least not yet.

The gist of John Key’s message to Labour went something like this. “Make my day. In fact, make my election day. If you want to continue to rate below 30 per cent in the polls, just keep talking about the things that do not matter. Just keep doing that until election day.”

Among the things that do not matter – according to Key – is Labour’s pursuit of Judith Collins and who she did or did not have dinner with in Beijing six months ago and what she did or did not tell New Zealand’s ambassador afterwards. ??

Key is right. There is a massive disconnect between the Wellington Beltway and the rest of the country as to whether Collins had a serious conflict of interest in her dealings with milk exporting company Oravida during her trip to China last October, given her husband is a director of the firm.

While Labour tries to variously tease and bludgeon more information out of the Justice Minister, the rest of the country could really not care less and – in Key’s view – voters are much more exercised with the more fundamental questions of how the respective parties’ policies are going to affect their community in terms of education, health, law and order, and so forth.

Labour, however, will take the view that both Key’s sarcasm and Collins likening herself to a victim of the Salem witch trials are indicators they are starting to get frustrated and agitated that the Oravida affair just refuses to go away.


Labour has tried everything down the years to knock Key off his perch. Its latest effort might work. More than likely it will not.

It won’t work and sooner rather than later this will dawn on them and the very person they sought to burn at the stake will look like a champion of NZ and it will be them who made her look that way.

David Cunliffe will of course blame Grant Robertson but he is the leader and so he is the one authorising these hatchet jobs. Winston Peters and Phil Goff have also done their own little trip to China. The word is they went looking for dirt on Collins under the guise of an official trip but have come back empty handed, reminiscent of Mike Williams’ forlorn trip to Australia to dig dirt on John Key.

Unfortunately for Labour no one outside of the tragics living in Wellington cares a stuff about who people have dinner with. But since Labour insists on knowing such things I await the report on all after hours functions that Phil Goff and Winston Peters attended and who they attended with…after all they wouldn’t want to appear to be sanctimonious hypocrites now would they? …attempting to hold a minister to a higher standard than that which they hold themselves to.


Source/ NZ Herald