Guy drives drunk, dies. Guess what the solution is?

File / not this specific accident

File / not this specific accident

One of our readers, POY, observes:

So a guy drives drunk and crashes into a ditch.

The speed limit was 100 and he was going 80kmh when he died.

Helen Mills describes her son Oliver as a good kid who paid for a bad decision with his young life.

Oliver Steven Mills, an apprentice plumber, died in June last year when his vehicle left the road in bad weather only a few hundred metres from home. He was 18.

Oliver was out with friends the night he died, having a few drinks and being driven around the city by a sober driver.

About 1am he chose to pick up his car in Tai Tapu, his home town, and drive the short distance to his Rhodes Rd home.

“I know he had alcohol in his system, but he wasn’t the kind of kid who went out drinking every weekend,” Helen Mills said.

“It was just a bad decision that night.”

Oliver’s car flipped and ended up wedged upside down in a deep irrigation ditch.

A coroner’s report released yesterday ruled Oliver was likely unconscious when he died. He drowned in the irrigation ditch.

Guess what the solution was? Drop the limit from 100kmh to 80kmh – the speed the guy was already doing?

Here’s a solution, don’t drive drunk


– Abbie Napier, Fairfax