Labour still playing fast and loose with intellectual property

What started as a time sensitive reference to Game of Thrones, Labour’s tweet pushing their North Korean power solution has backfired somewhat.

Commenters on twitter have lambasted Labour for using a photo of a Ukrainian forest taken by a Ukrainian photographer who goes by the name of Vladimir Agafonkin or his online persona of “Mourner”.

Sp Labour couldn’t be bothered finding a Kiwi image, or use one from w Kiwi photographer and instead nicked a photo from an offshore photographer hoping they wouldn’t get sprung.

Then again why should we be surprised when they get their IT policy dictated to them by Kim Dotcom.?

Some wag has fixed their photo though and put a more appropriate message:


Once again labour’s social media team have scored a SMOG.

The funny thing is the ugly, nasty, little oik Prince Joffrey gets it hard in the Game of Thrones. Joffrey has all the same sort of smugness that exudes from David Cunliffe.