Labour’s assault on private property

Did anyone else wonder why it?was that David Cunliffe asked the Young Labour conference attendees if they’d studied Marx?

Wonder no more, Phil Twyford has let the cat out of the bag?and told us that Labour is coming for your land and will compulsorily acquire it under the Public Works Act in order to build houses for the poor…on your land.

This morning at a conference hosted by Prefab New Zealand, Phil Twyford said that Labour is considering using the Public Works Act to expropriate private property to build homes.

?This is an extraordinary announcement,” said ACT Epsom candidate David Seymour. ?

?It shows how little regard Labour have for private property and how unsettling a Labour-led government could be for the economic recovery. They clearly don?t have any no-go zones.

?Housing affordability has been damaged by artificial restrictions on land supply at the city fringe. In fact, Auckland?s Rural Urban Boundary has made land eight times more expensive. An obvious solution would be to relax such restrictions and open up the supply of land.

?Instead Labour are now proposing another layer of government intervention to solve the problems created by the last one.

?If there was any remaining doubt that Labour would lead the most radical left-wing government in a generation, Twyford has removed it.”

Yet another reason for Auckland taxpayers and landowners to fear the labour party and their Green taliban pals…they are going to take your land to house the poor.