“Let them eat cake” – BSCNZ reports to members


While the level of troughing varies, in general, troughers are the same wherever you go.

They have this sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve the perks.

Scumbag unions the world over have been exposed for diving into the trough and lavishing it up is flash places around the world.

My good friend?Patrick Lee-Lo, El Presidente of the Building Service Contractors, certainly enjoys the trough?provided by his cleaning members. By the looks of things Kimberly Clark?s Lillian Small also enjoyed her foray into the trough via a visit to New York. ?

The recent?letter from the tip-line expressing dismay at the BSC, made me wonder what the likes of BSC member and OCS boss James Fletcher and the Aussie directors of Spotless Cleaning will be thinking about their fees being used for junkets.

Must be tough going being tucked for $20,000 membership fees each year when?the only benefit you get from the BSC is increased costs.

No doubt they will be looking forward to Paddy and Lillian?s extensive report of their New York visit and its actual value to members.

The Fish Gang certainly are.