Pasifika community tiring of Labour’s nonsense too

The Pasifika community is breaking ranks with Labour after years of paternalistic attitudes and the “we know best” attitude of the Labour party.

People are now prepared to stand up and state that they can see a better, more aspirational way forward.

Michael Field takes a break from interviewing his keyboard on matters about Fiji to detail the ‘outrage’ over some Pasifika leaders daring to think for themselves instead of what Labour tells them what to think.

A small group of influential Pacific Island clergy have sparked fierce debate in South Auckland after they declared they would switch their support from the traditional Labour Party to the National Party.

The action, taken at the Manurewa flea market on Sunday, is under fire on Pacific Island social media.

The ministers involved have been criticised for not consulting their parishes.

The move has also sparked another meeting next Sunday when, under the auspices of a Samoan Catholic Church, 23 churches will meet to discuss political parties and Christian values.

The South Auckland electorates are traditionally Labour thanks in large part to church-going Pacific Islanders. ?

A Seventh Day Adventist minister, Teleiai Edwin Puni, said he and five other Seventh Day Adventist ministers ? all recognised in the Pacific community ? met National MP Cam Calder on Sunday.

“If we are to defend our Christian values and build a brighter future for New Zealand families, we need to engage our Pacific people and vote National,” Puni said.

Fundamentalist pastor Sooalo Setu Mu’a said they had been supporting Labour.

“To change from wearing red to blue is not an easy thing for our Pacific communities who have been voting Labour over the years.”

Oh the outrage, how dare a brown face think about voting for National. Of course those leaders can look at National’s brown faces and see success with Sam Lotu Iiga and Alfred Ngaro performing well as strong advocates for their people and Sam now a minister taking the message to the top table directly.

There’s also that other important aspect that National has done well… They haven’t played the whole ‘we know best’, paternalistic BS toward the Pasifika communities or indeed every other community.

Can you imagine forever being told by Labour you’ll only ever be poor, factory workers and that it has been in Labour best interests to keep you there?

No wonder people are breaking ranks and looking for aspirational leadership for their community.