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Lone Jewish Woman Oded Balilty, 1 February 2006

Lone Jewish Woman
Oded Balilty, 1 February 2006


West Bank

This photograph was taken in Amona, in Israel?s West Bank. Israel?s government considered Amona to be a?camp of illegal settlers

?Whether Israeli citizens or not?and 10,000 policemen were ordered to forcibly remove its inhabitants.

A single Jewish woman stands in angry defiance against an army of police officers dressed in full riot uniforms. They are attempting to shove her out of the way in order to set up demolition charges on the houses behind her. She was finally pushed over backward and nearly trampled as they passed.

Balilty claims that the woman then grappled momentarily with some of the men before chasing after them, shouting curses in Hebrew.

The evacuation degenerated into a violent confrontation between thousands of settlers and thousands of soldiers and police officers.,7340,L-3209330,00.html