Public outrage at Church ultimatum



You may recall our article on this topic yesterday: ?a 72 year old lady, how had lived with her unmarried partner for 3 years was told she no longer could remain a member of the church; unless she married him.

Bridget Railton provides an update ?

A small-town pastor has caused widespread controversy after revoking the church membership of a 72-year-old Southland woman who is living in a de facto relationship.

The Gore woman had her membership at the Calvin Community Church in Gore stripped by church elders.

Commenters on The Southland Times’ website and Facebook page were mostly compassionate about the couple’s situation, with some questioning how “Christian” the church’s actions were.

One person said this was “unbelievable in this day and age”.

“In my view I do not think anyone can be judgmental on someone else’s marital views.”

However, others were sympathetic about the church’s stance, saying it was an “honourable stand by the church on principle for what is morally right”.

Riccarton Community Church elder Alan Aitken emailed The Southland Times saying it was “almost routine for churches to have some basic expectations of members and to hold people to them from time to time”.

“The standards may vary a bit from group to group but the underlying reality is pretty constant.”

“…and to hold people to [some basic expectations]?from time to time”

I guess the question is, why this time? ?Why now? ?And what about some compassion?