The Secret Diaries of Comrade Simon

commies copy

Bad Day. That bloody Australian Norman was having a go at me about that forest I didn?t read about.

He reminds me so?much of Ronald McDonald. Clown. It is so hard to deal with those hippies, they are not at all like the street cleaners I met out on my before dawn run.

Good, rustic folk who know the value of a fair days pay for a fair days work, even if they smell a bit. ?

After run had a few spare minutes. Went for a quick manicure for the first time in ages. Woodhouse told me about this place, he gets his all over tans and eyebrows tweezed here.

Good to catch up with my besties Helen, Carol, Darien and Sue who have a regular time there. They asked if I needed help mugging the smelly hippies and were worried about my nails. We had a good sing along and Helen said she would see what she could do about the hippies. Must remember not to post the selfie on Twitter or that bloody Whaleoil fella will blog it.

Bloody diary says I am off to Invercargill next week.

Must see if Bill is going to be there for the photo shoot, or if Eric could crouch down or kneel when we have the photo shoot…or perhaps I could do what that little French rooster Sarkozy did and stand on?box or something.