Has Shane Jones declared his conflict of interest?

Shane Jones has launched another attack on Countdown, this time over their desire to sell Lotto tickets at the checkout rather than at a separate counter.

Labour MP Shane Jones has again taken aim at Countdown, raising concerns about lotto sales at the supermarket’s checkouts.

Lotto tickets are being sold despite new evidence that people spend less on food when there is a big jackpot.

You can now buy lotto at the checkouts in 100 Countdown supermarkets around the country. That makes buying a ticket more convenient, but Mr Jones says that is the problem.

“With Countdown putting a one-armed bandit at every Countdown checkout counter, you’re bringing gambling into the community,” says Mr Jones.

I wonder though if Shane Jones was wise to mount such an attack considering his own conflict of interest. 

You see Shane Jones’ partner Dot, the one he professed undying love for the other day to the Diary, works for SkyCity…and Shane Jones pretty much lives at SkyCity these days apart from fleeting visits to the estancia in Kerikeri.

With Labour attacking the spouses of ministers and ministers for perceived conflicts of interest, a case could easily be made that Shane Jones is doing exactly the same thing in attacking a competitor of his partner’s employer without declaring first his conflict of interest.

This attack though is far worse than any drink of milk and a photo opportunity, this is attacking directly a competitor of SkyCity, who employs his missus.

Shane Jones needs to be asked some hard questions now.



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  • JeffDaRef

    Does the Living Wage include a weekly Lotto ticket?

    • kaykaybee

      Of course!! Ticket sales about to start at Kentucky Fried Moa

    • Cideshow11

      Of course it does.

    • Dumrse

      Yes, and SkyTV and ADSL or VDSL. Come on, keep up.

  • Oh dear; not only has Shane Jones over-egged the pudding in his quest to discredit Countdown, but he has also ended up with a three-egg omelette on his face.

    And can anyone tell me how Labour’s stance on “problem gambling” is compatible with having a candidate this election who not only encourages people to gamble as part of his job, but sets the odds so that the TAB usually wins? Surely that is a major disconnect as well, but I don’t see any media reporting it.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      That isn’t albumen on his face…

  • Sally

    He is now getting boring about harping on about Countdown all the time.

    Starting to think it must be personal.

    • Monty

      Labours big problem is that there are so few issues where they have received any traction. So any issue which has received any traction no matter how small is thrashed to death in a feeble effort to remain remain relevant.

    • Yep; I think he must have got a dodgy heat-and-eat or a losing Lotto ticket at Countdown in Kerikeri.

      • GazzW

        Or a weekly food parcel from New World.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Has Shane declared any free up-grades? Free meals?

    • Geoff Vader

      What… is he Shane Air now?

  • john Doe

    Conflict of interest or not….we don’t need lotto at the checkout. It is the thin end of the wedge. Next it will be a TAB at each Isle end and one armed bandits down by the deli.

    • Won’t affect me in the slightest.

      • sheppy

        Me neither – I’ve boycotted Countdown ever since they tried to tell me who I can choose to watch on TV at Breakfast time

      • Cideshow11


      • john Doe

        Same. But the missus has an addictive personality and I can see the weekly grocery bill increasing by 20 bucks a week.

        • GazzW

          Then that’s something for you to work out not the rest of us. I don’t buy Lotto (mugs game) but plenty do and if its more convenient for them and Countdown can make a buck out of it then so be it.

      • kehua

        I thought the same way until the old man won .45 mill with Strike.

    • GazzW

      And I remember when the proposal for supermarkets to sell beer & wine was cited to be the work of Satan and the end of civilised society.

    • POY

      I’m against it because it’ll take 2x as long for the idiots in front of me to get out of the way.

      I buy my lotto online

      • kehua

        Do ya ever win anything POY? I am sure that my local Lotto is disconnected from the grid.

        • Mrs Spiker buys her occasional lotto ticket online & won $800 a few months ago, plus the usual small wins & bonus lines.

  • kaykaybee

    A point someone made to me last night at a party!!! If Joe Bloggs ( a Winnie voter nonetheless )in the street is joining the dots let’s hope that political journalists – trained and true, are all over the hypocrisy, personal conflict and the blatant self promotion of The Porn King and NZ First heir apparent

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      I see pitiful Peters attempting to appeal to the Vietnam vets.
      Why wasn’t he concerned in the 70s when there were more of them?

  • He is definitely showing himself to be a ‘one trick pony’ over this issue. After tax, 2.5% return for Countdown. Low prices = good for consumer. 18000 NZ workers with jobs at risk because of this clown. reminds me of Cunliffe and Telecom. God help us if these idiots ever get their hands on the nation’s chequebook!

    • GazzW

      You’re on to it HL. It always make me laugh when lefty politicians or the nutters from Unite rage about the vast profits that multi-national companies make from us hapless Kiwis. They totally overlook the billions that have been invested & the business risks undertaken to achieve those profits which in most instances represent a percentage yield in single digits. Of course Cunliffe, Norman et al know better than that but then reality doesn’t make for great headlines.

    • kehua

      I pointed out that Jones was a one shot wonder weeks ago, also said that the they would be blanks. hahaha

  • MrAuz1989

    The reassuring thing about this is that, in the unlikely event that he ever finds himself in cabinet again, all this new found energy will vanish faster than a puff of Holiday menthol smoke outside a Wellington TAB.

  • I’m not holding my breath.

    For this to take on the same proportions as Oravida, it would need the National Party and the main media outlets to beat this issue up for a week non-stop.

    Can’t see it happening.

  • Brent

    I dont no if this is anything But Below is the shareholders of Madia works , at the top of the list is Oaktree Capital In there list of holding is Petroleo Brasilero In there own words the worlds Biggest producer in deep water oil. Question is has tv3 declared any conflict of interest?

    Petrobras Gets Approval to Acquire Anadarko Stake in Brazil …


    Dont no how to post links so yell have to copy paste to G bar

    • Just_Got_Back to NZ and…

      Please…can we stop the erroneous use of “there” with “their” …..”there list of holding is Petroleo Brasilero( (Pointing in a direction???) in there own words (pointing to a room with words perhaps?? )…” REALLY? Grammar chaps…grammar and spelling…please..

      • Col

        As someone who missed that at school our brain has an auto check so it doesn’t matter if it is eir or ere, not many people have this auto sense only those who failed.

        • Should have seen that coming

          I didn’t fail mate. The current generation are too used to TXT speak that they have forgotten how (if they ever learned) to write correctly spelled, syntactically and grammatically correct English.

          For those that care “Grammar: Its the difference between knowing their shit, knowing they’re and knowing the shit is there.”

      • Brent

        @14 I was put into work expererince by the school for my Last year, It was Wrightson and walked into my first full time job @15. 30 years ago, I no I cant write [properly] but I like this site. I’ll try harder.

    • Ginny

      Good on you Brent for commenting. Even though the grammar and spelling aren’t great, i know what you are saying and others should too.

  • SirBrucey

    kudos to you for being upfront. You are very welcome here in my view Dont let the more anal amongst the commenters put you off.

  • HtD

    I agree if we’re dealing with a journalist, writer, or professional expert, but these are comments on a blog and add to the overall knowledge and discussion.