Tricky David Cunliffe at it again

David Cunliffe’s messaging on power prices is as wonky as everything else he does.

On Facebook on April 8 he stated that Labour would be bringing prices down.


That is pretty clear…David Cunliffe says Labour will bring down power prices.?

Yet just 7 days earlier in the now infamous NewstalkZB interview with Tim Fookes he stated something else altogether.

?I haven?t said come down, I?ve said stabilise.

We seriously expect to be able to limit the growth of power prices.?

So once again David Cunliffe says one thing for one audience and quite another thing for a different audience.

So which it Mr Cunliffe? Limiting power price rises, stabilising? Or is is bringing power prices down?

The two can’t exist together.

Once again David Cunliffe is looking very tricky indeed.