UN wants us all to turn into vegan hippycrites

I had little respect for the UN to start with, but now any differences we have are irreconcilable

Governments must switch from fossil fuels to nuclear, wind and solar energy to avoid a global warming catastrophe in a move costing about 300 billion ($578 billion) a year, a United Nations report warns today.

The study by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lays out the pressing need for the world to ditch coal and oil and switch to green energy.

The report is likely to spark a new row over the cost of countering global warming, as climate change sceptics urge governments not to succumb to a green agenda, alleging it would drive up living costs for the rest of the century.

Not just the costs, it is completely batshit insane!  With the Nuclear option off the table, and with New Zealand’s primary income coming from cows, we might as well lock up and move somewhere else.  

A leaked draft of the report provides a blueprint on how to tackle climate change, including not only the switch to green energy but even what people should eat. It claims:

• An estimated 300 billion a year is needed for investment in low-carbon sources of electricity such as nuclear, wind and solar energy over the next 20 years;

• Gas should replace coal-fired power stations as soon as possible to reduce carbon emissions, although gas should eventually be phased out too;

• Nuclear power is an established method for producing low-carbon electricity, although the report notes its use has waned since 1993;

• Experts estimate that by 2030, global gross domestic product could be as much as 4 per cent lower through measures to combat global warming;

• Western diets need to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is likely to include a call to eat less meat.

The change of lifestyle is not detailed but the UN suggests people living in the richest countries should eat less.

The United Nations should be declared a hostile force and disestablished.  It has to be the largest tax payer trough in the world, and it absolutely does nothing to advance the lives of the people it is supposed to serve.  They’re just a bunch of feel-good policy wonks that get off on writing reports and telling other people what to do.


– Daily Telegraph, Herald


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  • W.Austin

    “The United Nations should be declared a hostile force and disestablished. It has to be the largest tax payer trough in the world, and it absolutely does nothing to advance the lives of the people it is supposed to serve. They’re just a bunch of feel-good policy wonks that get off on writing reports and telling other people what to do.”

    Could not of written that any better. That paragraph sums up my thoughts perfectly.

    • AnonWgtn

      and probably the most corrupt beating the World Football Cup and the Olympic Games – nothing much to choose between them.

    • John

      He is ahead of me, I have No respect for the U.N. which is most toothless organisation on earth, there is a saying “a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into” the U.N. is worse, at least with a boat you get some return for the money.

  • thor42

    **WHAT** “global warming”?
    Repeating a LIE does not make it true.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The eating of meat is pretty much the sole reason the human brain has developed into what it is today. It would appear that the UN would like the human brain to devolve to the state it was in millions of years ago. Good on you, UN.

    • phronesis

      At least they seem to be taking their own advice (and devolving). Usually it’s do as I say not as I do with the left.

    • Athonwy Doherty

      No, the latest science on the subject points more toward cooked food, not necessarily meat, as being the big change that allowed our ancestors to cram in more calories in less time, thus allowing for smaller jaw muscles, larger brains, and more time to spend building societies.

  • Niff

    Meanwhile those who will vote for the first time this September are a generation who have experienced NO global warming at all during their lifetime. Is it me who is insane, or did I come in late and miss something?

  • Niff

    Another aspect I find particularly insidious is the ‘pressing need’ and a number of letters to editors talking about the ‘urgency’ of the issue. eh?

  • TonyM

    On a related topic but not this one. Just happened to be listening to RNZ this morning something about NZ must do something about green house gases. Turns out the study period is 2000-2010. Since then we’ve decomissioned 500MW of coal …. a massive reduction in GHG…. Is this report even relevant having not mentioned this?

  • CheesyEarWax

    What do we replace meat with instead, more plant based foods? So how many hectares of irrigation land, a very scarce resource, do we need to produce the same amount of calories that meat based food can provide?

    • pidge

      Animals are a tasty but inefficient method of nutrition – less land is needed for plant protein that animal protein, so less irrigation etc.

      Protien production:
      Soya beans 40 g/m^2
      Meat (avg) 5g/m^2
      Beef 2.2g/m^2

      Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edible_protein_per_unit_area_of_land

      Probably a biased source as only one reference (Soya Reseach Lab) is in the article.

      • James

        Assuming that the land that the sheep/animals are being farmed on is suitable for arable agriculture; which, in most cases, it isn’t.

        • pidge

          Of course; but in NZ there’s plenty of land that was being used for crops that’s now being used for Dairy pasture. And I bet they’ll want that hilly pasture returned to forests, too.

      • Cracker1963

        Soya Beans are FULL of female hormones & and is contra-indicated for Men, unless you want to grow a vagina. My Dr didn’t mince words, men eat soy products at their own risk- he wont touch them & he warns all his male patients not to eat them.

        • pidge

          There’s plenty of other Vegetable Protein sources, all more productive for protein than Animals. And, please, go ahead and eat as you want. It’s completely up to you as far as I am concerned. I was simply replying to CheesyEarWax’s LMGTFY query about how much land is needed for Plant Protein vs Animal protein :).

        • Steve (North Shore)

          Yeah ,what that man said. How many men have had to hand in their ‘mancards’ because we are told we need to eat some flora and fauna?

          • pidge

            Look up “fuana” :)

      • Goldie

        Except that most meat production in NZ is on land unsuitable for growing crops (i.e. soy). To compare meat with soy production is idiotic.

        • pidge

          Keep in mind quite a bit of crop land in NZ has been converted to dairy (e.g. Canterbury, Waikato). And I’m not advocating, just pointing out that plant protein production is higher that that of Animal protein – specifically, meat is very poor, diary and eggs are better, but not as efficient as the least efficient plant source. However, given the returns on Diary, beef, and sheep, it would be lunacy for a land owner to not take advanvatange of that. Though those landowners with land that can be easily converted to croplands are onto a winner with their flexibility.

      • David Broome

        Yeah/Nah. I like the taste/texture of meat (slow cooked lamb tonight). over plant protein Anyways most soy is GM; not an observation on the pros/cons of thuis tech just a fact that will make the greenies squirm.

        • pidge

          As I said “Animals are a tasty but inefficient method of nutrition”.
          Disclaimer – I have a vegan / greenie wife. No escape for me :(

        • kehua

          Got the best of both worlds in our household, home killed marinated rump steak for dinner tonight with homegrown broccolli,cavallo nero, silverbeet, spuds and capsicums plus shop bought kumara, mushroom and onions. Washed down with Mexican lager. Life is good and it is raining.

      • Sunshine

        Rubbish. Over production of plant crops destroys the soil. Large numbers of livestock with good farming practices, pasture rotation etc benefits the soil and feeds people with much more superior nutrient dense food. Yes we all lots of vegetables etc, but we do not need truckloads of corn, soy and wheat. That is the stuff that is the cause of land destruction and the decline of human health. Meat is not the baddie here and I’m sick of these vegan loopies and agricultural industries trying to dictate their whacko ideologies onto all.

    • monsoon

      yes, we must chop down more rain forest to grow crops so we can all be vegans… Yeah right… maybe turn to Hop as cash crop, more Tuis….that I will support.

  • JohnO

    It is interesting to see how crazy these ideas are in hindsight. New Zealands 2003 fart tax was proposed to be set up because of the cattle and sheep emissions of methane which was thought to be a really potent greenhouse gas at that time. It is now recognised (see Methane: The Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas on wattsupwiththat.com) that methane has a negligible greenhouse gas effect because the wave-length of sunlight absorbed by methane is already absorbed by water vapor. ie the farmers would have been paying for greenhouse troughers (called climate researchers) for zero -ve green house effect.

  • Red

    RNZ National and the papers faithfully rebroadcasting the “facts” today via the BBC, who decided years back that the thinking was all done….. F G Sake.
    I hit 50 this week and seriously worry for the state of the planet I’m leaving for my kids… I don’t mean the bloody heat, the bloody flies and the bloody bloody sand and rising tides. I mean the self important idiots who’ve hijacked Science and the self serving liars from the likes of the IPCC & UN generally, whose only desire is for lots in the pay packet and bugger all – thinking needed. I find it oddly depressing I’ve witnessed the biggest lie, ever perpetuated on human kind. I didn’t think we could be this stupid as a species. But there ya go

  • Garbageman

    You will have to pry my bacon out of my cold lifeless hands

    • Rodger T

      Looks like I`ll be starving to death : (

  • timemagazine

    Meat has made us what we are today, but I guess the Marxists at the UN don’t want people to think for themselves and would prefer us to be kind of vegetables.
    How is it that the those screaming in the 70’s and 80’s against nuclear power find it now, that they are in positions to dictate to others, so appealing?
    Next will be probably the push for Agenda 21.

    • ropteron

      Yep and don’t forget the stone altar right underneath the main assembly hall.

  • monsoon

    we cannot accept the UN for what they are, they are now run by lefties, greenie nutcase , communist and labias. I have absolutely no time nor respect for UN.

  • tspoon

    “any differences we have are irreconcilable”

    Hmmm seems like a divorce is inevitable. don’t worry they only want half your stuff (on an ongoing basis, mind)

  • cows4me

    Our problem isn’t the kooks in the UN and what they want us to do our problem is the bloody kooks we have that pass for politicians. When will our so called leaders find a set and till the Marxist scum in the UN where to stick their climate change propaganda.

  • Night Stick

    I predict a brisk trade in horses and buggies, carbide lamps and wood ranges on the auction sites. Store these items and when the UN has the world grinding to a halt the stockists will make a killing.

    • phronesis

      Given the fascination with the production of CO2 I think you will find they want to take us back to a time before fire.

  • caochladh

    I seem to recall that these very same idiots pushed for biofuel and encouraged large swathes of land to be planted in corn. Then other farmers realised that they could increase their earnings by sending their crops for biofuel too, which created a food crises in developing countries.

    • Sunshine

      And in planting excessive crops, they ruined the land in the process. Farming livestock in contained pasture rotation is what benefits the soil.

  • davewin

    The happiest day of my life will be when we muster the guts to leave the UN and its sandwich munchers. The whole concept is one of failed nations giving the rasp to succeeding states. Their activities will surely bring equality at the level of Haiti.

    An while we are at it give the fingers and leave the International Justice System as well. Nothing useful ever came out of the Hague anyway.

  • mommadog

    Soylent Green – that would take care of a few problems. Recycling so fits the green agenda, Its real meat so suits those who wish to partake in meat. Love this movie – how weird is that!

  • Rick H

    UN – Useless Ninnies.
    IPCC – International Panel of Crooks and Charlatans.