Bill English gives Brown and Dalziel a tickle up

New Zealand’s two largest cities are being run by Labour cronies. ?Both have a severe problem planning, managing and providing solutions for housing crisis. ?Marta Steeman explains

Finance Minister Bill English pointed the finger at Christchurch and Auckland city councils for their part in the country’s high interest rates and dollar.

English said at the post-Budget gathering of about 100 Christchurch businesspeople that a sharp rise in immigration caused by fewer Kiwis leaving for Australia would place strain on the housing market.

Councils needed to respond pretty quickly by granting consents for more houses, faster, so housing prices didn’t soar.

Councils needed to understand how their decisions had broad impact on the economy and the Government was working “intensively” with them on that.

“Some of the decisions that the Christchurch City Council could have made in the aftermath of the earthquake are driving down returns for export businesses in Invercargill, because anything that pushes house-price growth up keeps the structure of interest rates and exchange rates higher than they otherwise would be,” English said.

Instead of fiddling with train sets and trying to get more money out of the rate and tax payers to create one, the Auckland council has only one major objective: ?provide housing for people that come to live here.

Not doing so will drag the whole of New Zealand down with it. ?Even people in Dannevirk will be paying too much for their mortgage because Len Brown and his council aren’t making housing their number one priority. ?

After his address [English] said following the earthquake, the Christchurch council could have made decisions that sped up residential redevelopment.

However “that’s history” and the council had now geared up for growth in Christchurch.

The council had kept some restrictions on housing development in the city around infill housing and secondary units but was now becoming more flexible on that.

A spokesman for the Christchurch City Council said it was obvious English was referring to the previous administration.

The Government temporarily removing tariffs from imported building materials was one step in a long campaign to improve the housing market in New Zealand, he said.

Christchurch aren’t happy with the criticism, preferring to blame Bob Parker.

But that excuse isn’t available to Len Brown. ?The fact that housing minister Nick Smith has to handhold work with Auckland Council just to get them to rezone some land shows that there is no will inside the council to address housing as a priority issue. ? It needs a government minister to push them into the right direction.

Auckland needs a mayor that is going to be more interested in Auckland rather than his (or her) legacy.

Until then, we all pay more.

Thanks Len.


– The Press