Bludging Socialist Whinges about Labour stopping Corporate Welfare

Everyone knows that Federated Farmers are a bunch of socialists who expect the rest of us to fund their businesses.

For some reason they think that farmers are morally superior and deserve a big hand out to let them make more money. Bruce Wills, the head bludger, has a big sook in the Herald about Labour.

Labour have said they will take the lazy half a billion dollars National have set aside in corporate welfare for farmers.

Winding up the Crown irrigation company not only flies in the face of regional economic development but regional climate adaptation. Are memories so short that we have forgotten adaptation was a key criticism of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change?

Right. So climate change means the rest of us have to pay for bludgers who can’t manage their businesses properly? ?

Then the head bludger says that it isn’t fair.

It is a naked attempt to make farmers a breed apart. It is unreconstructed class warfare.

Bruce, it is not class warfare. It is a sensible policy to stop bludgers from sticking their hands out. And if the Feds were not such a bunch of command and control economy socialists they would see a $500m boondoggle that the rest of us have to pay for as New Zealand?s biggest bludge. Imagine how your members would go on and on if you were taxed to fund someone elses business.

Corporate welfare is evil, and the worst form of welfare because it makes companies go on the bludge rather than work towards a profit.

Good on Labour for saying they will reef back the money for the bludgers who want us to pay for their irrigation schemes. Likely Labour will piss away the money on some other bludgers, but there is a slight chance they will level the playing field rather than distort it like National?s corporate welfare policy does.