Cash for Access?

I wonder what Russel Norman will say when he finds out that Botany Labour held a fundraiser at a restaurant…just last week.

Helpfully they have told the world about it (complete with photos), and by all accounts it was a great success.


Success of course is measured in funds raised so it looks like this dinner function involved substantial cash donations, access to David Cunliffe, David Parker and Phil Goff at least.

Surely Russel Norman will be against this sort of thing within Labour, after all it has all the same elements as his accusations against National…a restaurant, cash for access, and fundraising donations.

They say it is just fundraising and it probably is technically legal, but it just LOOKS dodgy…right Russel?

Let’s tell the newspapers so they can run that for a week.

I’m sure the newspapers, having highlighted this for National, will be balanced and provide equal coverage to Labour making legal things LOOK dodgy.

Here is David Cunliffe and Phil Goff and David Parker involved in their own Cash for Access event in Botany.

Also note that Susan Zhu was involved…she is a Barrister and Solicitor in Greg Presland’s law firm, and Presland is the bag man for David Cunliffe’s secret trust for laundering secret donations. SHe has also made substantial donations to Labour in the past.