“Cricketer X” revealed as Chris Cairns

via Newstalk ZB

via Newstalk ZB

Who didn’t see that coming?  Still, disappointing tho’

The Herald can reveal that the player being named as Player X in evidence to the international cricket inquiry is New Zealand legend Chris Cairns.

The Herald has been told by multiple sources that the former allrounder has been named in testimony to the ICC’s anti-corruption unit (ACSU), referred to as Player X, by Lou Vincent and current captain Brendon McCullum.

He is alleged to have attempted to manipulate games, including in India when he was captain of the Chandigarh Lions in the short lived Indian Cricket League.

Cairns was let go by Chandigarh, due to what he described as an ankle injury.

In recent days, testimony from Vincent and McCullum has been leaked into the public domain, including alleged meetings between those players and Cairns.

When asked by the Herald on Sunday whether he was Player X, Cairns said he did not want to “speculate” but last night told Fairfax – Cairns was recently a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times – the allegations were false.

He said: “I am aware that former cricketer Lou Vincent and current New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum have made a range of allegations against a cricketer dubbed Player X,” Cairns’ statement said.

“It is well known that the ICC/ACSU has been investigating allegations of corruption and my name has been linked by others to these allegations. I am being asked whether I am Player X.

“Based on the limited information I have received during this investigation, I believe it is being alleged that I am that player. These allegations against me are a complete lie.”

Cairns maintains it’s a stitch-up.

I can’t help thinking we’ve got our own Lance Armstrong here.


– Dylan Cleaver, Andrew Alderson @ NZ Herald


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  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    And how do mum and dad feel Chris, especially dad?

  • Planesailor

    I’d like to see an official statement from McCullum.

    • In Vino Veritas

      I wouldn’t, he’s given his statement and will be called on to give evidence if required, in a court of law. End of story.

      • Planesailor

        It irks me that McCullum, would not have told NZ Cricket earlier. I understand that Kiwis don’t dob in their mates. Surely, NZ Cricket would have front footed this issue if they had known earlier. I can’t imagine a NZ organisation would sit on knowledge like this. I thought cricketers were obliged to whistleblow. Yes, McCullum has a lot to loose. I don’t respect the ICC based on what I have read and an investigation being played out in the media with leaked reports does the integrity of the process no favours.

    • Kimbo

      He has made one already. When David White says it is “disappointing” it was leaked, you can be almost certain it is as reported.

      Cairns is now trying to throw Lou Vincent under the bus, saying he is plea-bargaining. Yes, but there are two witnesses (which is very telling in and of itself)…and one of them has, at this, stage, acted in a way that is beyond reproach.

      Cairns can try and tarnish McCullum’s reputation with statements and innuendo like, “I believe there are dark forces at play. These forces have long arms, deep pockets and great influence. I acknowledge that recently I have upset some powerful people in the world of cricket, including raising my own concerns about the health of the game. I believe I am paying the price for that now.”


      But an initial “kick the tyres” test surely shows McCallum has NOTHING to gain and everything to lose by having his name injected into this affair. So why stick his head above the parapet and make it up in the first place? For a pay-off himself? When he is NZ cricket captain, with a’n the on-going marketability for Indian 20-20 cricket due to a 300+ test score, and looking to win at a World Cup we are hosting next year?

      Compared to Cairns whose career is over?

      Occams razor tells you which one to believe!

      • Geoff Vader

        Yes, Cully has certainly much more to lose in this, and I’ve certainly always respected his judgement as seen in plain view.

        • BAM

          McCullum is a team man through and through, can’t say the same about Cairns.

          • Kimbo

            Funny thing is,all of Glenn Turner’s critique of the guy ring true.

            What did he finish test cricket with? 3000 runs at an average of 32, and 220 wickets at 29?

            If he had played and bowled as often as he should have – i.e., not hiding when it was a flat deck or for various “niggles” and batted at no. 6 (as a genuine allrounder of his ability and should have, especially as the NZ team need 5 bowlers in its mix) –

            He would have scored 4500 runs at 35, and taken 300 wickets at 33, and played even more match winning games. We only ever saw the best of him from 1999 on.

            Just saying

          • BAM

            Yeah when he walked out the that west Indies tour because he wasn’t being treated like the god he thought he was, for me that really summed up who Cairns is.

  • Peej

    I’m still waiting for the explanation of why someone making megabucks on some insignificant cricket game is the crime of the century. There will undoubtedly be those that think being interested in the game or watching it in the first place should be a crime.

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      It’s called corruption Peej. Here in NZ we despise corruption. One of our core values – are you an immigrant? (I have nothing against immigrants, but any born here kiwi would be aware of this)

      • ratchette

        Just wouldn’t be cricket, would it ?

    • If you think match fixing is ok, you don’t belong here. Here on the blog, here in our society, and possibly here in our country.

      • Amen to that. I watch sport for the contest, and the contests within the contest. These latest revelations have completely undermined my faith in the integrity of cricket and the majority of those who play the game which I have followed for more than 50 years.

        That there are strong suspicions (I’m choosing my words carefully here) that New Zealand players have been actively involved in match-fixing and in recruiting others is absolutely galling. Cairns is entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but if it is proven that he had any involvement in fixing, then throw the book at him.

    • Geoff Vader

      In some respects I agree, Peej. There is one sport with an activity that I think is just as insidious and destructive as this – Football, and people diving in the box (oh, and feigning injury and abusing the ref).

      That’s just cheating. In plain view.

      However, if we let it go on, where does that leave any sport, and what would be it’s purpose?

      • Blueballs

        If the TAB took bets on who would dive, and when, I could see your point Geoff, but as they don’t, this is a very poor analogy I’m afraid.

        • Geoff Vader

          Not at all – tournaments and knock out games have been won off the back of dives. Prize money escalates exponentially the better a team does, and therein is the temptation – money. Players that are part of teams that qualify for, or win, competitions or tournaments are commanding superior salaries to those coming at the bottom of the event. In my view it’s pretty much the same thing.

          Without becoming too picky, ‘throwing’ a wide second ball of the eighth over is not really in the same category as diving in the Champions League semi final.

      • Peej

        So when some guy gets money for bowling two wides in his fourth over in the Hampshire v Kent game the world hasn’t ended but it opens up the question of what sport is, and what it’s purpose would be. Euan Ross-Taylor thinks it’s bad because it’s corruption and Pete thinks it’s wrong because it’s match-fixing.
        (The purpose of sport? To make money. Lionel Messi = $87000 per day. Don’t know if that includes diving fees!)

        • Blueballs

          I hope your not in any position of power when it comes to handling peoples finances peej. If you can’t see the issue with this behavior then your moral compass was bought at the two dollar shop.

        • wanarunna

          Nothing wrong with the very top echelon receiving payment because they are extremely good at their sport. What is wrong is lesser players and sportspeople believing that the world owes them a living beyond the level of their ability, and acting dishonestly to achieve that. That is not sport, it is fraud. You are not getting paid for being better than other people, you are getting paid for being dishonest.

    • phronesis

      I think the only sport Salafis are allowed to participate in is destroying Western Civilisation.

    • Kimbo

      Sport is socially significant in New Zealand.

      Rightly or wrongly, Kiwis put their sportspeople on pedestals, even though, unlike other countries, they expect them to be just like them. Or rather just as they like to think of themselves – honest, gutsy, possessing character, good.

    • Justsayn

      I agree Peej, it is hardly crime of the century. The fans may lose respect for the game as a true contest, but (mostly) not money.

      The real monetary losers in this are the other punters, the vast majority of whom are betting illegally in India. The illegality of their betting makes the frauds harder to detect (unlike the TAB you cannot look for unusual betting patterns).

      In a way you’d expect “fixing” to fix itself – why do people bet on this stuff knowing someone out there may be stealing their money, and without their continued betting there is no fixing.

  • Geoff Vader

    Just can’t believe this, if it’s true. Cairns was smack bang in the middle of some of my favourite NZ Cricket memories from NZ, to Sydney, London, SA.

    Someone is wrong – and it’s either McCullum or Cairns. There is a chance, however small, that the information is incorrect, but that seems to be clutching at straws. I’m holding out for that.

    A very sad day for NZ Cricket. It’s tough enough getting tours under the current ICC management, and if NZ is tarred with the Asian betting syndicate brush, it will only become more difficult. Broadcasters don’t necessarily want to bother with teams / events that are corrupt.

    • David

      Its a very sad day for Lance Cairns I would say as much as anyone. Lance was oner of the most inspiring cricketers of his era and I would suspect was an extremely proud dad for his son to have made it as well. For this to now happen I feel very sad for Lance, especially after the accident that claimed his daughter as well.

      • Geoff Vader

        Completely agree.

    • kaykaybee

      It’s not just McCullum is it though Geoff

      • Geoff Vader

        kaykaybee, not sure what you mean?

        • kaykaybee

          There seems to be a disqus wobble Geoff – not me surely! As you were :)

        • botti

          I guess he means McCullum isn’t the only one making the claims.

    • wanarunna

      chris cairns doesn’t come close to featuring in any of my favourite cricketing memories, which include taking a transistor radio to school in the mid 70’s to listen to the commentary when Richard Hadlee was in full flight. Compared to Hadlee, chris cairns is an also ran.

  • Jordan

    I’m still in denial especially since the Cairns family have been legends in my opinion….up until today I totally expected “Player X” to be of indian descent, does Chris have any indian in him?

    • tjb

      He will do in prison

      • raumatirover

        The Cairns’ fudge bar will be popular.

      • unitedtribes

        Is it posible he could go to prison

        • Kimbo


          Not just for the issue of fraud. Also for perjury, as Jeffrey Archer did, when it was discovered, years after the event, that he had lied under oath in a defamation trial.

    • andrew carrot

      For the HeraId’s sake (I cannot believe that I just wrote that), those “multiple sources” better be very, very reliable.

      • All they did was report the identity of Player X. That’s not the same as confirming Cairns did it.

      • I’m sure they’ve taken legal advice Andrew. That probably explains why the story has only appeared online, and not in this morning’s print edition; they were waiting for the all-clear from the defamation lawyers.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Whats the bet Cairns will use the Armstrong defence, i.e. most players do it. Then appear on Campbell Dive like Len Brown did.

    • Kimbo

      Vincent’s rationale was appalling.

      I was only being paid 22k pounds by Sussex, which i resented”.

      hen don’t take the offer. Four months work, in the only job you do, in a circuit (English County Cricket) that can’t pay its own way and is subsidised by the English test team! What a malcontent bludger

      • CheesyEarWax

        Yes, though to fair to him he hasn’t told his side of the story to the media yet.

        • Kimbo

          yeah. nah.

          Not interested in his “side”. It will just be spin. A mea culpa “Come to Jesus” fabrication.

          He can take his chances in court if it comes to that, but as far as I’m concerned Vincent can crawl back under the rock where he belongs. There he can undergo any “character development” (and I genuinely wish him well in that).

          But having his “tale of redemption” in glossy women’s mags! Nope. Not fair to the public!

    • kaykaybee

      It’ll be so much worse if he doesn’t show the character needed to step up and hasten the situation through to it’s ultimate conclusion.

      As many have said, including myself, I’m sure we’ve a Lance Armstrong on our hands. The old CC was probably lost a long time ago, long before he became a diamond merchant…..

  • redeye

    If this is true he’ll be forking out a bit to Lalit Modi.

    He is denying it to this point?

    • stephen2d

      That will be the least of his worries.

      • hookerphil

        Not so sure, legal fees as well were awarded to him. Will break him plus a probable English jail sentence.

        • stephen2d

          Well exactly my point. He will end up in jail for a long time definitely if he is charged and then proven guilty for match fixing.

    • kaykaybee

      Whatever he gets for fixing you can be sure as eggs they’ll be gunning for him for perjury on top of it

  • George Carter

    I’m just disappointed. I was listening to Cairns on Veitchy’s show on ZB a month or so back when it appeared that rumours had started to spread again. At the time I felt the guy just couldn’t get a break and that he was being unjustly targeted. If this proves to be correct then i’m sorry I felt that way!

    • HtD

      I felt the same when I read and believed Lance Armstrong’s autobiographies. I still hope this isn’t true though.

      • Kimbo

        I fear the facts already say your hope is forlorn.

    • grumpy

      Cairns and “Veitchy” deserve each other.

  • Blueballs

    Wow, look’s like Mr Modi will be very happy his libel case is about to get overturned, I hope you haven’t spent that $142k yet Cairnsy.

    This is Cairns’ quote after the libel case, shameful.

    “Today’s verdict lifts a dark cloud that has been over me for the past
    two years,” Cairns said. “I am proud that I had the courage to stand up
    and defend my name and feel great relief that I can once again walk into
    any cricket ground in the world with my head held high.”

    • AnonWgtn

      I still see the hand of Modi UTU in this.
      He is very rich and powerful in world cricket and can pay anybody to do his wishes.
      He is currently under investigation, by himself, and his cronies, for corruption, as head of world cricket.
      Asian – read Indian, Gambling has destroyed cricket for ever.

      • Blueballs

        Do you think Modi is bending McCullum’s arm?

      • phronesis

        That is a bit like saying betting ruined horse racing. Professional sport is always about business, not sport.

      • kaykaybee

        Utu? I’d be after it too if, as it seems alleged, a prime mover match fixer had me up for libel and won by perjury. Greed ruins sport and the talented sportsmen who want a piece of it are as bad, if not worse than the puppet masters

  • BAM

    This is not surprising.

    Cairns is a nasty piece of work with an ego that would cause a solar eclipse.

    • Crookednose

      Have to agree. I met him (outside of anything sporty) and Bam’s comment pretty much summed him up. His old man was there too. Chalk & cheese.
      I feel really sorry for Lance now. He will be utterly devastated.

      • grumpy

        Me too….one of the most arrogant people I have ever met.

      • Sponge

        Me as well. An absolute arse of a “man”.

  • Bubbleguppy

    Feel a bit like my childhood is being stolen. First Rolf who I thought was wonderful and now I feel a bit dirty for liking him on the tell, now Cairns. Whatever next?

    • Kimbo

      um, Ben Johnson did steroids (I may be a bit late with that info)

      • phronesis

        Don’t forget Lance

        • NOT HIS DAD TOO!

    • Peej
    • I like the Bee Gees.

      There, I said it. Now you can start the healing process.

    • kaykaybee

      sit down Bubble, you know that bloke in the red suit at Xmas????? thing is……

      • Bubbleguppy

        Aw jeez, not him too!

    • hookerphil

      Len Brown?

  • kaykaybee

    Well there’s a surprise not!

    A couple of days Lalit Modi tweeted this link to the worst over in cricket history – the bowler Tuffey …….ouch.

    • CheesyEarWax

      I thought thats normal for Tuffey.

      • He has this talent of giving some runs away and then taking a wicket. I’ve seen him at the death handing out a 4 and a 6 and you start puckering up, and next thing you know BANG, wicket.

        • tarkwin

          Let’s face it, that happened about as often as Cunliffe got his C.V right.

          • kaykaybee

            thing is these cricketers often don’t have a Harvard MPA to fall back on

      • kaykaybee

        Three oversteps and a no ball in first four??

        • CheesyEarWax


    • Blueballs

      To be fair, his mind was probably on his tea break milkshake.

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    Own Hansie Cronje, you must mean.

  • IanGreg

    What says the most is that McCullum was approched in 2008….. then apparently 2009 Silence…. 2010 Silence….. 2011Silence…. 2012 Silence… 2013 Silence…. 2014, oh yeah Player X talked to me about that years ago.

    It would appear that the captain of the NZ Cricket team finds match fixing so abhorrent he kept what would be pretty damning evidence to himself for 5 or so years.

    • Geoff Vader

      There was a slight delay, but days, rather than years.

      • Not according to the media.
        He was approached in 2008 and made his statement in 2011.
        Which poses the questions;
        Why did it take years. The rules are very clear around reporting immediately any approach.
        Will NZC instigate disciplinary procedures against the captain for waiting years before reporting it?
        If NZC have known for years why has Cairns been allowed to make a living from cricket since. Remember he was working for Sky when the rumours were first made public.
        This whole thing stinks.

        • BAM


        • grumpy

          Because the ICC head office is the most corrupt part of this.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Cairns is a “friend” and “hero” to him.

    • Blueballs

      Maybe Modi has the goods on McCullum as well, and has only now threatened Brendan to make him throw Cairns under the bus.

    • Kiwikea

      It was released over the weekend. The actual time of when McCullum met with anti corruption hasn’t been released.

    • BG

      Who does he confess to? The smear also goes all over the ICC Anti-corruption Unit. In fact there should be an anti-corruption unit to investigate the anti-corruption unit – if you get my drift.

      Example, who’s leaking all these statements now?

      THe simple fact is that India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and the the BCCI hold sway over almost all cricket in the world. Those at the top of the BCCI only got there through suspect means, so it’s not a long stretch to think that the whole ICC is corrupt.

  • Vince McMahon set to take over running global cricket.

  • surfisup

    Chris Cairns defence so far has been to blame Voldemort . Not sure it’s gonna fly.

  • Planesailor

    So McCullum alleges that Cairns is a match fixer. Is McCullum not culpable to some degree in not reporting these claims earlier? This is the Captain of our National team. I am struggling with what is being reported and actions that have or have not been taken by players, National and International governing bodies. This is messy and brings into disrepute not only cricket but New Zealand’s national sporting identity.
    I was disappointed but now I’m angry.

    • Forrest Ranger

      How do you know McCullum did not report them as early as possible?. The fact that he was reportedly interviewed about them as part of the ICC investigation last week does not mean that he did not report the approaches a long tome ago – shortly after they happened.
      The problem appears to be the glacial pace of the ICC investigation

      • Planesailor

        Indeed and a fair point, but somehow I doubt it. I suppose we won’t know. I don’t see anyone coming out and saying it’s not Chris Cairns apart from Chris Cairns.

      • botti

        Apparently ICC have an 8 year statute of limitations. Might have been trying to wind down the clock until this leak brought things to a head.

  • Dex

    He’s clearly innocent, and it’s just one big conspiracy, involving multiple Indian players, and now Vincent and Mccullum. http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/story/556449.html

    ” Rajesh Sharma, a bowler with Chandigarh, said that he had raised
    concerns about match-fixing during the second edition of the ICL but was
    told by Cairns and Mongia to keep quiet or he would be removed from the
    team….Gaurav Gupta, alleged that he had been told by Mongia that Cairns would give him money for fixing matches…..Two other bowlers were also allegedly pressured by Cairns and Mongia.
    Amit Uniyal said he was told to “bowl loose balls” in order to keep his
    place in the side, while Love Ablish was allegedly instructed to bowl a
    no-ball. Cairns denied the claims.”

    And the Dubai Money is just a huge coincidence as well….

    “Bank statements submitted to the court show that Cairns received two
    separate payments, totalling 600,000 Emirati Dirham (AED) ($160,000),
    into an account in Dubai, where he had set up home with his new wife.”

    Looks like Rod Marsh smelt a rat….

    “t was also revealed that after Cairns’ departure from the ICL – but
    before Modi’s January 2010 tweet – former Australia wicketkeeper Rod
    Marsh refused to sign a bat to be auctioned for charity that already
    bore Cairns’ signature, as he did not want to be associated with the

  • shortcover

    Chris Cairns is 100% guilty, arrogant, shit don’t stink attitude about to catch up to this tosser.

    Why aren’t they interviewing the likes of Nathan Astle and asking him about it? Perhaps it’s because the teammates have been saying for a while that he is in the thick of it… They know he is guilty, and have predicted his inevitable downfall. Thumbs down…send in the cleaners!

    • Roland

      He was just a bully at high school and not rated by a lot of his peers

  • Dave_1924

    Corruption in Cricket. There is a surprise.

    I stop really caring about NZ Cricket about 10-15 years ago.

    Azzaruddin [spelling?] the Indian Captain go done around then [maybe a little early], some of the Pakistani games had way to many weird things happening in then Footsie Cronje got caught taking the bung…..

    Ever since then its been yeah, nah for when it comes to 20/20 and ODI’s.

    Still like tests esp. the Ashes series but even then you do wonder at some of the shots played by top notch players at times.

    If it is Chris Cairns then I feel gutted for Lance – who was a Trojan for the NZ Bowling attack and a real folk hero… if his son has done the alleged fixed then its a terrible thing for B.L Cairns

  • unitedtribes

    The trouble with cricket is that its just not cricket

  • Justsayn

    Before we all climb into Cairns I’d like to know from McCullam that is who he spoke about in his statement.

    I’m concerned at the leaks – why leak the information? It seems an attempt to attack Cairns without actually having to prove anything.

    • botti

      Maybe because the ICC was taking so long to do anything they felt it necessary to bring it out in the open?

  • Chris Cairns @chriscairns168
    Thanks for all the support out there and to all those who understand that there are bigger forces at play here…chat soon…cheers

    • botti

      Jeez, just come clean.

      • I can see two basic scenarios. 1) Cairns protests loudly to appear to be honest 2) He’s being stiched up by a rich man.

        However, for 2 to be true Vincent would need to be encouraged to lie. Perhaps with a financial inducement.

        They can’t both be not lying.

  • Dan

    I think I will wait until I hear a bit more before I join the pitchfork and noose brigade.

  • H.R Singh

    this is really funny. people in new zealand think they are clean and honest. just goes to show, it’s all bunch of silly dreams. how many kiwi players are they who are like chris cairns? you lot always blame asian players but look what happened. stop being so judgemental and racist. yes racist because living in new zealand, i have experienced such ignorance from people that it’s shocking. even articles on this sites is so biased and misinformed. a place for all the rednks to vent. anyway, next time you point fingers at india, just remember chris cairns incident. waiting for more kiwi players to get caught now.

  • H.R Singh

    If Chris was an indian player, everyone would not only be insulting the player but also india. i have seen it happen many times. they would be asking for harsh punishment and all the racists would have a field day venting. so, will all the conservative kiwis on this site take similar approach? lol. would you be asking jail sentence for cairns, lou, tuffy and other kiwi players? don’t think so. you lot are only good at pointing fingers at others and being racist.

  • DangerousE

    I bet you he’s innocent.

  • Guest

    Regarding Cairns, Shakespeare usually says it best… “he doth protest too much, methinks”