Crown to appeal Dotcom court ruling

via AAP

via AAP

Word around the Mansion is that things aren’t going very well for Kim. ?Lots of shouting and begging being heard.

Odd how the pressure comes on when the money runs out.

So the decision by the Crown to deny Kim Dotcom more of his assets for the time being will?be hurting Kim badly. ?Many of his plans fall apart unless they have a steady flow of cash to fund them ?

A court ruling that internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom should get his seized assets back is to be appealed by the Crown.

Earlier [last]?month, the High Court declined to extend the restraining orders on Dotcom’s assets – including cars, jewellery and other property – that have been in place since his arrest in January 2012.

However, Dotcom’s lawyer William Akel confirmed to NZ Newswire the Crown has filed papers on Wednesday appealing that decision.

Dotcom tweeted: “Breaking News: Crown Law appeals High Court ruling to return assets to my family. Government bullying continues.”

Dotcom was arrested in New Zealand on behalf of the United States government.

He’s still awaiting extradition to the US to face copyright infringement, money laundering and racketeering charges relating to his former file sharing website, Megaupload.

However, ongoing court battles have meant the extradition hearing has been delayed a number of times.

Just imagine for a moment that we do end up with a Green-led Labour Government later this year, and Kim Dotcom is still in New Zealand.

Do you really think that the new minister of Immigration is going to risk his/her career on blocking the extradition of someone who is facing federal and civil charges in the USA? ?Especially when that person cuddled up to Hone Harawira?

The whole landscape around Dotcom has changed. ?The only people still keen to be seen near him are his lawyers and the Mana party.

But Dotcom’s financial problems are much more immediate. ?With legal cases overseas and in New Zealand, including those he’s started, he needs every dollar he can get. ?On top of that, he has new dependents: ?The Mana and Internet parties.