Why don’t they just draft JT?

The Labour party debacle in Tamaki Makaurau continues.

The Labour Party has reopened nominations for Auckland Maori seat Tamaki Makaurau, following the party’s council dismissing disgraced candidate Shane Taurima from the process.

The Party blocked the former TVNZ manager from standing in the seat after revelations by 3 News?Mr Taurima used the company’s resources?to organise Labour Party meetings. Mr Taurima resigned from his position at TVNZ following the scandal.

The council says it “regrets any adverse impact” on Mr Taurima’s professional reputation as a result of not granting a waiver to contest the candidate’s selection.

“We retain a high regard for Shane’s abilities and believe he has a positive future with our party.”

Riiight, so thieving and rorting the system to the benefit of the Labour is ok, but just a bit embarrassing right now so?taihoa for a bit bro, when things settle down it will all be ok.

They have reset their nomination process several times now and each time it has ended in farce.

I feel for the one poor bugger who has everything squeaky clean with his nomination…Will Flavell.

But it seems he is unwanted by the hierarchy, who seem intent on shafting him in favour of anyone else.

If they are going to shaft him then why not just draft in John Tamihere…he would win it at least.

Long time stalwarts like LEC member Shane te Pou must be pulling their hair out. Or maybe Shane could put his own name forward…they’ve had Shane Jones, he’s gone. They’ve attempted to have Shane Taurima, he’s gone…he is at least qualified with the right first name.