Duncan Garner joins in the media driven frenzy over sugar

The media are aiding the health troughers by campaigning against sugar ?and products containing sugar.

Instead of blaming fat bastards, like pie wrecking?Duncan Garner for the shape of their bodies they instead seek to blame supermarkets, food and beverage producers and sugar manufacturers.

On top of that they advocate for the same sorts of measures against the products that are used against tobacco.

People said it would never come to this but there is not other way to label articles like Duncan Garner’s “Killer Fizz” claims.

The fizz is killing us, and it?s time we put the spotlight on sugar and the supermarkets. So I?ve been out and about.

An Auckland Countdown store was selling these two products this morning for just $1 a bottle. It?s 1.5 litres of flavoured Fanta ? it?s killer fizz and the flavours are grape and blueberry.

What?s worse is that it?s positioned in the aisle to target kids and their parents as they walk past ? just so they don?t miss it. It?s just flavoured sugar and it?s making us all fat.

Yes, I know it?s called a “loss-leader” to get people in the store, but I?ve got a real problem with this marketing and this practice.

Sugar is evil. It?s killing us and there?s plenty of evidence around to prove it.

The fizz isn’t killing us, fat bastards with a lack of self control are killing themselves. ??

Same arguments as those against tobacco…same claims…of targeting kids. Of course it is massive hyperbole…claiming sugar kills…it does no such thing. A bag of sugar in the pantry is hardly likely to get up and slaughter a family in the dead of the night. If sugar kills people then spoons made Duncan fat.

Health Ministry statistics show around one in three kids are obese and two in three adults are obese. It?s an epidemic. So is diabetes.

Health Ministry statistics show 50 more people are diagnosed with diabetes every day; more than 200,000 Kiwis now have diabetes.

Alarming new obesity stats are due out later in the week, but what are we doing about this killer fizz? Nothing right now. Nothing at all.

It might be “PC gone mad” or nanny state to talk about regulations on sugar, but we need to do something. These massive supermarket chains have so much buying power and they are targeting us; the weak, vulnerable and poor are even more at risk.

It?s well past time we did something. Sugar is the new tobacco and doing nothing is no longer an option.

I call this stuff killer fizz, because it?s making us fat, it?s costing our country and it?s costing us our lives.

Duncan Garner is being a dickhead, but this sort of advocacy will see supermarkets, manufacturers and wholesalers attacked in exactly the same way as tobacco manufacturers.

Watch them suggest increased taxes, plain packaging and restrictions.

After a lifetime of shoving pies and coke into his gob, Duncan Garner is now blaming sugar for his rotund midriff instead of looking in the mirror and blaming the fat bastard who shoved all that food into his gaping maw.